The Workstations of Magento Influencers

Did you know that most ecommerce websites you visit were the hard work of some tirelessly hard working Magento developer? Well, yes, not all ecommerce website are made on Magento, but looking at the popularity of the platform, there’s a huge chance that you’ve onto a Magento store more than once.

Out of curiosity, we keep asking Magento influencers to share pictures of their workstations to help inspire us a bit. They happily provide us the images, and we’re happy to share them with you.

As a fellow Magentician, you can take a peek at the desk of people who make the magic happen behind those screens!

Gabriel Guarino

Gabriel is a Magento Certified Developer with more than seven years of experience in the platform. Overall, he has 11+ years of experience working as a web developer. Gabriel is currently a moderator in the Magento Forums, and has one of the best possible views one can have for an office.

gabriel workplace

Brent W Peterson

Brent W Peterson is currently working as a Magento Evangelist at Wagento and Mage Training, and also a Lead US Forum Moderator on MagentoCommerce. He is a famous personality in the Magento Community and a certified Magento Solution Specialist. His work space looks like a powerhouse, and for a person with his stature, he really needs something powerful!

Brent W Peterson Workplace

Alessandro Ronchi

Alessandro is a Certified Magento Developer with vast experience in Magento. He is currently working as a COO and Magento Specialist at Bitbull srl. With PHP elephants and Magento goodies on his work table, Alessandro looks every bit a developer you’d want on your team.

Alessandro Ronchi workplace

Tom Robertshaw

Tom Robertshaw is currently a Managing Director at Meanbee Limited. He has several Magento certifications to his name and is vastly experienced in Magento.

Tom Robertshaw workplace

Carmen Bremen

Carmen Bremen is a lady who was honoured with the 2017 Magento Master: Makers award. She has vast experience in the field of Magento with several Magento Certifications to her name and enjoys working wherever she finds comfortable to do so.

Sonja Riesterer

Sonja Riesterer is a Magento lady who was awarded Magento Master 2017 and a Certified Magento Solution Specialist. She is currently working as a Marketing Manager at integer_net, and has a workstation complete with an assistance teddy bear!

sonja workplace

Allan MacGregor

Allan MacGregor, a man with multiple Magento Certifications to his name. He is a Director of Engineering and Senior Developer at Demac Media. Not only that, but he is also working as an official member at Forbes technology Council. His workspace speaks a lot, and it’s clear that he needs a lot of space on his desktop to get work done!

allan workplace

Stephen Goudie

Stephen is another Magento influencer who is currently a senior developer and solutions architect at Magescale. He is a Certified Magento Developer with vast experience. And it looks like Stephen is a fan of minimalism, and we love his work space!

stephen workplace

Ben Crook

Ben Crook is a true Magento maverick. He is an experienced Magento frontend developer currently working at Space 48. He is also a Certified Magento Front End Developer, who works cohesively with his team. Frankly speaking, open work spaces have a charm of their own.

ben crook workplace

Richard Baik

Richard Baik is currently working as a Support Manager for Magento. He has been working with Magento for over 6 years and has more than 15 years of experience in technology related fields overall. He is also a certified Magento Solution Specialist, and has a work cubicle you’d really want to spend time in.

richard workplace

Marcel Hauri

Marcel Hauri is currently working as a Magento-Developer and Deputy Team Leader Internet at Stämpfli AG, and is also an experienced Certified Magento developer. He enjoys his workspace with his team members!

Marcel Hauri workplace

Daniel Sousa

Daniel Sousa is currently working at Mini Exchange. With over 8 years of experience in Magento, Daniel is a strong evangelist of coding best practices and methodologies. And oh, he’s a Certified Magento Developer who keeps his workstation clean and to the the point!

daniel sousa workplace

Shoaib Rehman

Shoaib Rehman is an experienced Lead Web Developer at Receptional. Not only that, but he is also a Magento Certified Solution Specialist.

shoaib workplace

Lewis Sellers

Lewis Sellers is currently working as a Managing Director at Pinpoint Designs Limited. He is also a Magento Certified Solution Specialist with a vast experience in the field of Magento. His workplace looks more like a castle from the outside, and we sincerely love it!

lewis workplace

Andrew Pemberton

Andrew Pemberton is currently working as a Magento Developer at Interactive Web Solutions Ltd. He has vast experience in the field along with a Magento Developer Certification to his name and has his workspace to the point!

Andrew Pemberton workplace

And there you have it! These are the awesome workplaces of Magento influencers, and we will keep updating this list as we get hold of more Magento mavericks who inspire us all to work harder.

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