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Privacy Policy

At Magenticians, we take our your privacy very seriously. Although we have tried to be very clear in this policy, we still urge our visitors to clarify their issues with us.

Since Magenticians is a content focused website that provides authentic Magento information, we collect Marketing data and track user data through Google Analytics.

Marketing Data

  • Name
  • Email Address

Tracking Data

  • IP address
  • Location Data

This Privacy Policy aims to cover the following areas:

  • How We Collect Your Data
  • Why Do We Need Your Data
  • Your Right to Be Forgotten

How We Collect Your Data

  • Subscription
  • Cookies


We collect your data in order to provide you with educational content, promotions, offers, ebooks and/or latest news. There are multiple funnels on our website that include landing pages (including Contact Us page and Write for Us page). The sole purpose of collecting this data is to keep you updated with whatever is happening in the world of Magento.


When you visit Magenticians, we may collect your data using cookies or similar technologies such as Facebook Pixel.

Why Do We Need Your Data

The purpose of collecting your data is to provide our visitors with educational content, offers, promotions and ebooks through our newsletters. The data collected through cookies is also used for retargeting ads.

Your Right to Be Forgotten

If you wish to have your data permanently removed, send an email through the contact form. Your request will be entertained within 15 business days.

Magenticians have the rights to modify and update its privacy policy. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you!

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