Three-tier system for Magento quality analysis

Whether you are inheriting a Magento store from a hobby developer or getting shifted on a Magento project done by a different agency, determining what you are dealing with is not simply an answer to “does the store front look good?”. This three-tier system by Fabian Schmengler should help with overcoming the hassle of Magento quality analysis.

Magento 2 uses Zend Framework 1 but it is not that bad

“So you are still using Zend Framework 1 on a regular basis?!” he asks with a negative undertone. “You could say that.” you reluctantly answer. Compassionately he responds with “Fortunately I have heard great things about Magento 2 updating its technology stack. I bet you are about to use at least Symfony 3!”. “Y-yeah” is all you can stutter.

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