Magento SSL Checker

Is your Magento store HTTPS secure?Check Magento SSL to improve store security and double your order volume.

Magento SSL Checker

Magento SSL Checker will help you diagnose if your SSL certificate is correctly installed, verified, trusted, and without any errors.

Please enter your host + port. In most cases, Port defaults to 443.

The SSL Checker for Magento is processing your request. Please wait a few moments.

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Tips & Solutions for Magento Security

Magento Security Tips

Although Magento is secure out-of-the-box, it should be supplemented by further measures to ensure it remains as secure as possible. Here are the best tips.

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Enable Magento SSL

Make your Magento powered store safe and secure for online transactions by installing and enabling Magento SSL with this step by step guide.

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Common Security Threats

Over 70% ecommerce stores are hacked every year. Learn about the common security threats that can infect your store and how to rectify them.

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