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How to Create Configurable Product in Magento 2

magento 2 configurable product

Magento offers a large number of features. One of the most useful and common features is a Configurable Product. With this feature, you can allow multiple options like size, colors, and customization to users on your products, and on each option, you can set different prices.

However, creating configurable products in Magento 2 is a long process and requires several steps.

This topic is a part of Product Management Series in Magento 2. You can jump on to the other parts here:


Today, however, I am going to teach you how to create configurable products in Magento 2, so just follow this guide and you’ll be able to do that in no time.

Add Attribute

Open the Admin Panel of your store and go to STORES → Product.



Now click on Add New Attribute.


Enter Color in Default Label text field, select Dropdown from Catalog Input Type for Store Owner and select Yes from Value Required.


I will configure the product on color basis, i.e., White and Black, so I have added them. You can add more by clicking on Add Option.


Now unfold the Advanced Attribute Properties section. Enter the color in the Attribute Code and select Global from Scope. You can further manage it according to your need.


Now click on Storefront Properties from the left side of the page and set it according to your requirement.


Click on Save Attribute from the top of the page.

save attribute

Add Attribute Set

Go to STORES → Attribute Set.


Click on Add Attribute Set.

add attribute set

Enter the Name of the Attribute (Mobile) and click Save.

attribute set name

Now drag the color from unassigned attribute to Product Details and click on Save.

darg attribute

Add Simple and Configurable Products in Magento 2

First, I will add two simple products (Samsung J5 White and Samsung J5 Black). Go to PRODUCTS→ Catalog.


Click on Simple Product from Add Product button.

add simple

Select Mobile from Attribute Set dropdown and enter all the required details. Make sure to select Not Visible Individually from the Visibility drop-down and select White from the Color dropdown.

simple product1

simple product2

Now just click on Save from the top of the page.

Save product

In the same way, you can add Samsung J5 Black by selecting Black from the Color dropdown.

Click on Configurable Product from Add Product button.

configurable product

Select Mobile from the Attribute Set dropdown and then enter all the required details. In the price field, you have to add a price to progress, but this price will not be visible on the product front page.

config product 1

config product 2

Now go to the Configuration section. By default, Magento 2 does not give the Add Product Manually option, so first click on Create Configuration and then complete all the steps.

Create Configuration

It will now show you new product combinations with the attributes options you have selected. Now remove it by clicking on Remove Product and the Add Products Manually option will become visible.

Remove product

Click on Add Products Manually

Add Products Manaually

Select the simple products that you added (Samsung J5 White and Samsung J5 Black), and click on Done.

done associated product

Now just click on Save from the top of the page.

Save product

Go to your configurable product front page and you will see the updated result:



Wrapping Up

The thing about Magento is that it is powerful and full of features. You can sell your products with different options and with a different price for products that can be configured. After following this tutorial, you should be able to create configurable products in Magento 2. If you still have any confusion, leave a comment below and we’ll sort it out!

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