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How to Create Coupon Code in Magento 2


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Coupon Codes help buyers at your store to avail discounted prices. It also helps you retain customers, and they inevitably come back to your store again. You can create single or bulk Coupon Codes for a particular customer/product, group, or anyone depending on the purpose, need, or campaign.

Coupons can be sent via email or included in newsletters, catalogs, or advertisements, such as banners and images on the front page of the store. You can also produce printed material or create an in-store coupon for mobile users using a QR-code, etc.

To use a coupon code, the customers will input it in the cart during checkout, and the discount value will be applied immediately. Magento 2 also supports a coupon code feature. Magento 2 has Cart Price Rules which help you run a promotion on your store and offer discounts to the customers using a coupon code.

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Impressive, right? In this tutorial, I will showcase the creation of Magento 2 coupon code:

1. Log in to your Magento 2 Admin.


2. Click MARKETING on the left bar.


3. Under Promotions, click Cart Price Rules.


4. Tap the Add New Rule button.


5. Expand the Rule Information tab.


6. Here you will enter the necessary information, like:

  • Rule Name: Enter the rule name you would like as a reference.
  • Description: Rule description goes here.
  • Active: Should it be active or not? Select Yes or No using the radio button.
  • Websites: Select the websites on which you would like to apply the rule.
  • Customer Groups: Select customer groups of your choice.
  • Coupon/Coupon Code: Select Specific Coupon from the drop-down and enter the Coupon Code of your wish. You can also Use Auto Generation feature as well.
  • Uses per Coupon: Set the number of times the Coupon can be used.
  • Uses per Customer: Set the number of times the same client uses the Coupon.
  • From/To: Start and end period during the Promotion will be Active.
  • Priority: Set the priority of rule. A lower number means the higher priority.

7. Let’s talk about the 2nd tab Conditions. You can set different conditions and sub-conditions for the rule. Expand the tab and apply the conditions to use the Coupon.


8. Expand the Actions tab and enter the following details:


      • Apply: Select the discount method using the drop-down.
      • Discount amount: Enter the discount amount you want to offer in the promotion.
      • Minimum Qty Discount is Applied To: Enter the quantity of product on which the discount will be applied.
      • Discount Qty Step (Buy X): If you have selected the Buy X to get Y free discount method, here you can specify the quantity of a product a customer must buy to get Y free. You can also enter the percentage of the product price.
      • Apply To Shipping Amount: If you would like to apply the discount rule to the shipping cost as well.
      • Discard subsequent rules: Select Yes, if you don’t want a customer to use other rules after this one.
      • Free Shipping: Select the relevant option from the drop-down if you want to, or don’t want to, add the shipping cost to the products in the cart when the rule applies.

9. Last is the Labels tab. It allows you to set labels for your promotion.


10. Once you are done, tap the Save button.


Final Words

There are many ways by which you can engage your customers and make sure they return to your store. You can offer discounts, run promotional campaigns, give Coupons, and it will all give a boost to your sales. Check out the best web hosting promo code by Cloudways.

The tutorial above was all about creating coupon codes in Magento 2. If you followed each and every step properly, you now have the advantage to attract your customers as well.

Have a question about creating Magento 2 coupon code? Let me know by writing in the comments section below.

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