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How to Create Magento 2 Bundle Products

bundle product magento 2

In the world of ecommerce, there are many ecommerce platforms available and when you talk about reliable platforms, then Magento 2 is one of the best amongst that list. It allows merchants to explore useful and awesome features to help sell their products.

Magento 2 offers you to add several types of different products to your store and bundled products are one of those options. The products can consist of a number of simple and virtual products. However, people have some confusions between Grouped and Bundle products in Magento 2. So let’s first discuss the difference between Magento 2 bundle products and Magento 2 grouped products.

This topic is a part of Product Management Series in Magento 2. You can jump on to the other parts here:


Grouped Products VS. Bundle Products

Grouped products offer a fixed price which is the sum of all products in the group that the customers cannot customize. Whereas in Bundled Products, the price is fixed as well as dynamic and the customers can alter and change the group by selecting the products from the given options.

Example of Magento 2 Bundle Products

Before going through the configuration phase, let me give you an example of Magento 2 bundle products.

Let’s suppose the niche of your store is that you sell different cell phones from different vendors and you want to offer one product which has multiple cell phones from different vendors listed. Now when the customers visit the Magento 2 bundle product frontend page, they have to click on Customize and Add to Cart button and then they can select pairs or multiple cell phones from the provided list according to their needs.

It means they can also customize it the way they want to. Once the selection is done, they will pay for all the selected products as a single product, which will also save the time for your customers. So, basically, this is an example of Magento 2 bundle product.

Now keeping the same example in the mind, I will teach you how to create Magento 2 Bundle Products. Before going to create a bundle product(s), first, you have to create Magento 2 simple products which you will later combine as a bundle. Once the simple product is added then go the bundle products creation.

Now I’ll teach you how to create Bundled Products in Magneto 2!

Now launch the Admin panel of your store and navigate to Products → Catalog

products catalog

Here you will see the list of your added products. Click on Bundle Product from the Add Product dropdown.

bundle products

Here, you have to enter the details of your Magento 2 bundle product. and you can set SKU, Price, Weight, and also dynamic price, etc

Note: I already told you about the example so I will begin by naming the product name as Samsung or Nokia. You can modify it according to your need and requirements.


Scroll down and go to the Bundle Items section. First, set on whether to allow the bundle items to ship together or separately.

bundle items

And then click on Add Option.

add option

Enter Samsung or Nokia in the Option Title field and select Radio Buttons from the Input Type drop-down field. Then click on Add Products to Option.

add product option

Here, select the products from the list of your added products and then add them by clicking on Add Selected Products. Let’s make Samsung 1 as Default.

Note: I am adding my products (Samsung 1 and Samsung 2), so you can add your products in the same way.

add selected products

As a product of a vendor is added, in the same way, add another vendor (Nokia) and its products.

Once its done, then click on Save from the top of the page.


All Done! Go to the Bundle Product front page and you will see the following result:


Now Just click on Customize and Add to Cart and you will see the following options.


The above two images mean that you have created Magento 2 Bundle products successfully!

Wrapping Up:

Providing your customers an easy way to buy multiple products at a time can boost the sales of your Magento 2 powered store. Bundle product(s) is a great way of offering customers customizable groups of products. Creating bundled products on Magento 2 isn’t that hard, and by following this guide, you should be able to create Magento 2 bundle products easily. I have shown an example, you can extend it based on your needs and requirements.

If you want to add or discuss something to this post please leave a comment in the box below and I will get back to you asap!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are Magento 2 Bundle products?

Magento 2 bundle products are a group of products that allow customers to buy multiple products as a package and can also be customized according to specific needs.

Q2. Are there any hidden costs involved in adding Magento 2 bundle products?

You can easily add different types of products to your Magento store without any cost. So, there are no hidden costs required to add Magento 2 bundle products.


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