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How to Create Bundle Products In Magento 2

Magento 2 provides several options for your products, and bundled product is one of those options. The products can consist of a number of simple and virtual products. However, people have some confusions between Grouped and Bundle products in Magento 2. So let’s first discuss the difference between Magento 2 bundle products and grouped products.

This topic is a part of Product Management Series in Magento 2. You can jump on to the other parts here:


Grouped Products VS. Bundle Products

Grouped products offer a fixed price which is the sum of all products in the group and customers cannot customize this group. Whereas in Bundled Products, the price is fixed as well as dynamic and the customer can customize the group by selecting the products from the given options.

Now I’ll teach you how to create Bundled Products in Magneto 2!

Open the Admin panel of your store and navigate to Products → Catalog

products catalog

Click on Bundle Product from the Add Product dropdown.

bundle products


Now enter the details and in bundle product, you can set SKU, Price, Weight, and also dynamic price, etc.

Note: I have entered the Product Name as Mobile (Samsung + Nokia).


Scroll down and go to Bundle Items section. First, set whether to allow the bundle items to ship together or separately.

bundle items

Now click on Add Option.

add option

Enter Samsung in Option Title field and select Radio Buttons from Input Type dropdown. Then click on Add Products to Option.

add product option

Here, select the products (Samsung 1 and Samsung 2) and then add it by clicking on Add Selected Products. Let’s make Samsung 1 as Default.

add selected products

In the same way, you can add another option (Nokia) and products to this option.

Now click on Save from the top of the page.


All Done! Go to the Bundle Product front page and you will see the result.


Now Just click on Customize and Add to Cart and you will see the following options.


Wrapping Up:

Bundle product is a great way to offer customers customizable group of products. Creating bundled products on Magento 2 isn’t that hard, and by following this guide, you should be able to create them easily. Want to add or discuss something? Just leave a comment below!

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