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Common Magento 2 Issues and Their Solutions

Magento 2 is one of the most powerful and popular ecommerce platforms. However, many people run into Magento 2 issues. Since Magento is a fully feature-loaded platform, it may come off as difficult to handle, but if you know where to look, you can find solutions to most Magento related problems.

We have listed down the most common Magento 2 issues, and to make it easier for you, we have also provided the relevant solutions to them!

1. Installation Issues

Many people have issues in installing Magento 2. Whether they are installing it manually or through composer, it’s a difficult process for many. However, the installation method can be really easy for you if you follow the step-by-step guides linked below:

2. Re-Index

In Magento 2, most users have issues with this system message: “One or more indexes are fully invalid”. Well, you can fix it by running a cron job properly and you can also fix it by running the following command in your Magento 2’s root directory:

php bin/magento indexer:reindex

3. PHP Extension and Configuration Settings

One of the most common issue in Magento 2 is PHP extension and configuration settings. To resolve this issue just re-configure the php.ini settings.

4. Configure Magento 2 With New Domain

The solution to configuring Magento 2 with a new domain?

Assume that your old domain is and you want to change it with your new domain Open the admin panel of your Magento 2 and go to Stores → Configuration. Click on Web under the General tab.

General Web

Now unfold the Base URLs section and replace Base URL with your new domain

base URL

Now unfold the Base URLs (Secure) section and replace Secure Base URL with your new domain

base URL secure

Now just click on Save Config from the top right corner of the configuration page.

save config

5. Update Magento 2

Magento releases its new versions with improvements. It is highly recommended to use the latest version but some users find it difficult to update their Magento 2 version. Here’s the solution: How to Update Magento 2 using composer.

6. Reset Magento 2 Admin Password

If you forgot your admin password of Magento 2 and you want to resolve it as early as possible, then the quickest way is to change the password from phpMyAdmin. Open your Magento 2 database and find admin_user table. Now you can replace your old password with the new password.

Note: Insert the password in MD5 function.

7. CSS Cache

Some users have issues that they update the CSS but it does not affect the front page. This issue is due to cache. Just run these commands one by one in your Magento 2 root directory.

rm -rf var/di/* var/generation/* var/cache/* var/log/* var/page_cache/* var/session/* var/view_preprocessed/* pub/static/*

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

php bin/magento cache:clean

php bin/magento cache:flush

8. Enable SEO URLs in Magento 2

Go to Stores → Configuration and click on Web under the General tab.

General Web

Now unfold the Search Engine Optimization section. Select Yes from the Use Web Server Rewrites drop down.


Now just click on Save Config from the top right corner of the configuration page.

save config

9. Speed up Magento 2

One of the most common problem among developers and users is that it is slow. To run Magento 2 smoothly, you must know its basic requirements and the best practices.

To improve speed and performance, here are a few easy steps required to make Magento 2 fast.

10. Setup Blog in Magento 2

To get the traffic on your store, blog is required. By default Magento 2 don’t have feature of blog but yes you can integrate it very easily. To learn about it check: How to setup a Blog in Magento 2.

11. Contact Us Page in Magento 2

There are some issues with the users in customizing and setting up the contact us page in Magento 2. Well here’s a quick guide to Setup Magento 2 Contact Us Page.

12. Redirect to Open Through www

Open your .htaccess file which is located in your Magento 2 root directory. Paste the following code after RewriteEngine on:

Now go to Store → Configuration and click on Web under the General tab.

General Web

Then unfold the Base URL section and change your domain to

base URL www

Now unfold the Base URLs Secure and change your domain to

secure URL www

Now just click on Save Config from the top right corner of the configuration page.

save config

Final Words

These are some issues which I have discussed with you, if you have any other common Magento 2 issue in mind, feel free to share by using the comment box below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Magento 2 Stable?

Yes, Magento 2 is now stable. However, Magento release updates to make it more better and better in terms of performance, security, features etc.

Q2. Why Choose Magento 2

Magento 2 is the most famous ecommerce platform. There are several reason for choosing Magento 2 over other ecommerce platforms. Few of them are:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Usability
  3. Better UX
  4. Security
  5. Large Number of Awesome Features
  6. Great support

Q3. Why Upgrade to Magento 2

The simple answer is that it is the more improved Magento version. Some important reasons for upgrading to Magento 2 are:

  1. Magento 1 Won’t be Around Forever
  2. Magento 1 Doesn’t get the Latest Features
  3. More Secured and Improved
  4. To Use More Latest Useful Features

Q4. What are the Magento 2 Advantages

There are many advantages of using Magento 2 like:

  1. Improved Admin Interface
  2. More Mobile Friendly
  3. Better Customer and Shopping Experience
  4. Large Number of Awesome Extensions
  5. Improved Performance and Speed
  6. Fast Checkout Process


About Author

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