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Magento News Weekly #053: Rebecca Troth’s Video, Magento vs. Shopify Showdown, Interview With Ben Crook, and Tutorials for the Week!

Wrapping things up after a busy week and heading into the weekend is like slipping into pajamas after a long, tiring days. It feels awesome, yes. But before we can kick in our weekend plans, it’s best to get updated with all that has been the highlight of the week in the Magento world.

Imagine 2017 is near. If you’re not going there, you’re missing out on an amazing event. And Rebecca Troth has summed up what you’ll be getting into with this amazing video. Who would have thought Magento events could be this fun?

Magento vs. Shopify: Is Shopify Really The Better Choice? Magenticians covered this question that everyone in the ecommerce realm has been asking, but hasn’t really been able to answer. The article takes you through an in-depth comparison of the two popular CMS, so make sure to check it out. And oh, there’s an awesome infographic to help you out visually as well!

And here is the Interview for the week:

Interview with Ben Crook by Syed Muneeb Ul Hasan

Your tutorials and favorite articles for the week:

How to create admin user in Magento 2 via Command Line by Max Pronko

9 Tips and Settings for Product SEO in Magento 2 by Ahsan Parwez

Asynchronous Operations for Magento 2 Performance Improvement by Sergii Ivashchenko

Dynamic Store Configuration Fields by Eric Wiese

GROUP-ing a Product Collection the Right Way With groupByAttribute by Maxchadwick

How To Use Magento 2 Layouts, Blocks, And Templates by Fayyaz Khattak

Where To Learn About Magento by Maria Zayac

How to Create a Widget in Magento 2 by Mageplaza

There you go, folks. You’re all covered for the week now, and you can stay updated with all that is important. And yes, don’t forget to check Rebecca’s video!

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