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5 Persuasive Words That Can Help You Sell More on Your Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce is all about sales; the more you sell, the more successful you are. It’s as simple as 2 + 2 = 4, but raking in large sales numbers is the difficult part.

Most ecommerce store owners find the selling part difficult because they’re probably not on the right track. Your website’s blog is one of the biggest factors that help convert visitors but if it’s not using the right tricks, the sales will obviously not hit the roof.

However, with the use of right words – yes, just words – you can turn your blog into your business’s superstar and boost your sales by a huge margin. Marketers have used these words to persuade you to buy stuff since long, and now it’s time to aim your guns at your customers. Let’s take a look at these insanely persuasive words!

1. Free

Free. There’s something about this word that attracts people like bees to daisies. There’s no science behind the word, though. In a world where we are expected to pay for everything from eating to traveling to entertainment and what-not in form of taxes (thankfully, we aren’t taxed on breathing yet), free stuff is the most welcome thing ever.

Store owners away from the virtual world have used ‘Free’ to sell more since a long time, and now they do it online as well. A simple “free” ebook giveaway will drive a huge number of people to your store who can then always browse your store for more stuff.

Leverage the persuasiveness of this word in your content and you’ll witness a surge in both traffic and sales!

2. Because

Surprisingly, this simple word we use to tell excuses has more to it than just reasoning. According to a study conducted at the Harvard University, researchers found that using different words have different meanings and that the word ‘because’ elicits compliance in people.

When you use because in your copy, readers subconsciously think they’ve been given a reason, and are more likely to take you seriously or purchase from you.

“Fidget spinners are a fad because it’s claimed that they reduce stress. Buy one now!”

The copy above is more likely to sell than a simple “buy fidget spinners.” Give the word a try!

3. New

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to attract traffic and conversion is by using the word new. Humans are designed to like new things and all of us like to try things before others. It’s a novelty of sort, and that’s precisely why this word works.

If you have an established brand, you can leverage the use of this word the most. According to research, the perception of something new simply increases the demand for a product or service.

Hence, always inform your customer if you have something new in your store, and you sure can sell more than you usually do!

4. You

Yes, you! If you observe closely (in some cases you just have to look and you’ll see it), most of us obsessed with ourselves. And that’s alright; it’s human to be so.

However, there’s something about being addressed directly that is more satisfying than being third-party to something. Hence, when you read ‘you’ in a text, you know it’s directed at your and you are compelled to pay more attention. Did you pay attention to the last sentence more than you normally would have? Well, it works.

Hence, address your audience directly and they are more likely to purchase because your customers will feel a little more special.

5. Limited

This word works in more ways than one. Not only does Limited give off a feeling of urgency, but it also shows prestige. People love buying limited edition products because they are a part of a small group of people that other people cannot join.

When Nike releases a limited edition of their sneaker, they are sold out in no time despite their hefty price tags. Similarly, when companies claim their newly released product is short on production, demand suddenly rises and it gains popularity.

Simply leverage the use of this word to add perceived value and prestige, and you can sell far more than you normally would.

The persuasive words above weren’t derived on a whim. There are companies that have tried and tested the power of these words and proven that they work.

If research has proven it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use them to give your sales and traffic a huge boost!