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Operate Your Magento Store from Your Mobile Device

Disclaimer: Magenticians does not necessarily agree with the views expressed in this guest post. They are presented to bring to light all diverse views in the Magento and general ecommerce community.

In an era of the smartphone, it is easy to manage your ecommerce store from your smartphone. You can start right from maintaining the store’s catalog to receiving customer feedback while editing the store content – all can be done through your smartphone. Sounds so effortless, doesn’t it? All this and more can be done through the Magento Store Manager.

Ecommerce stores are a different ball game altogether. We can build an online store using various ecommerce platforms available online today. But, like every other platform, no software is perfect. It comes with its pros & cons. However, if you wish to create an online store for buying & selling, Magento is the right option for you.

The fact that it is considered the choice for many organizations is that it is open-sourced, and therefore it is customizable with ease in comparison to that to Java or Dot Net. Let us dive deep into the benefits of your operations using a Magento Admin Mobile App.

Advantages of Operating Your Ecommerce Store on the Mobile

Having your ecommerce store managed on mobile has its own perks. So how do store owners nurture their surfing habits in doing something as lucrative as managing an ecommerce store? You use the Magento Store Manager to better manage your ecommerce store without hassles.

Let’s Check out the Advantages of the Magento Store Manager for Mobile:

Catalog Management

In my opinion, there is a minute difference between managing a physical store versus a virtual one. In either case, the list of items needs to be updated and the inventory needs to be in place. With your ecommerce store available on mobile, you are sure to get updates in case stocks run out. In this case, the admin has a choice of changing his cart status accordingly. This helps the customer ordering the products to go ahead and order the available products only.

Amendments to the Inventory

Magento Store Manager is not only reliable, it is an easy app to use when you want to manage your Magento store inventory through your smartphone. With waves of change happening digitally, we’re bound to constant competition to keep up with the evident ones. For this, your store needs a revamp every now and then in addition to new products and deletion of the old ones. In addition, the Admin can also manage the Product Descriptions for the products, new & old. Having an ecommerce store on mobile makes it possible to add descriptions, change the price list, etc. on the go. An updated ecommerce store gives a positive impression on the minds of customers.

Increase Sales of the Store

No business runs for free, you have to keep a constant check on the sales to progress and expand. Given an opportunity to help function your store’s backend operations can put tedious tasks at bay. With the Magento Store Manager app, you can view the orders placed, there are greater chances for the order to get delivered at a faster pace. Maintaining invoice is a click away for the store admin. This all leads to a better customer experience and leads to greatr visits to your websites leading to more sales.

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Feedback & Surveys

Feedback is an essential part of any ecommerce venture. It is through constant feedback that we can pat our backs for, the success and the work on the challenges. People ordering online check for the nitty gritty of any product and suggest amendments. If you have the store to yourself on your mobile, you can check reviews and delete the unnecessary ones saving time and effort by using the Magento Store Manager application.

Report Management

Now it is time for the showstopper to step in. No one likes maintaining paperwork although it is essential. Having everything on mobile makes working faster and easier. Every business keeps a record and reports the profits and losses for tracking. Now, you can also prepare charts and graphs on your ecommerce store using your mobile phone. An urgent meeting scheduled? Don’t worry! You can now present your reports using your mobile.

It is time we make good use of our mobile phones. Apart from calling and texting, your phone has the capacity to do a lot more. Right from setting up your store to managing the inventory, to looking after the sales and receiving feedback. It is a one-stop solution for all your needs.


To avoid losses and flourish in the business, it is inevitable to stay relevant in the market. Mobile ecommerce is one such trend that can help you stay ahead of other trends. With smartphones now taking over desktop computers, it is important to be able to manage your ecommerce business while on the move. The Magento Store Manager app not only helps manage your business on the move but also offers the features needed to make important changes in order to make sure your ecommerce store offers the best experience to your customers.

Author Bio

Maulik Shah is the Founder and CEO of AppJetty, a fast-growing software add-on store selling extensions and plugins for various technologies Magento, CRM, CMS, Odoo, including mobile apps. Maulik is a tech enthusiast and writes about various aspects of ecommerce technology.