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Metrilo – Making Ecommerce Analytics Actionable for Everyone

We recently got to know a young company that’s helping ecommerce entrepreneurs turn the data their stores generate into revenue.

They believe data is key to personalized marketing, higher ROI, and customer loyalty. Their product is an analytics platform that gathers, processes, and reports the data of your online store, and helps you use this data to sell more.

You can try the product on a 14-day free trial, but here’s a complete analysis of the platform to help you decide if it’s for you!

The Problems with Current Ecommerce Data Analytics

Most often, online stores don’t rely actively on data because it’s complex and time-consuming. The best in class analytics platforms now require you to have a data specialist to make sense of the information and come up with ways to use it to drive the business forward. So data analytics is accessible only for the biggest players on the market.

Some of the problems are:

  • Data is scattered across tools and platforms
  • Inaccuracies in reporting from different tools
  • The format of the data is not friendly to understand or use.
  • Need yet another tool to act on the data findings (for example, to segment your customers and then send them an email)
  • No way to track return of such an email campaign

The Data Analytics Platform Tailored Specifically for Ecommerce Should Have:

Simple integration that consolidates all data

We know ecommerce entrepreneurs don’t have the time to insert JavaScript on websites. In addition, to collect meaningful data, integration with the store’s front end solely is not enough. Back-end integration is a must for accurate reporting. Hiring a developer also can be costly and time-consuming.

Actionable insights that help business owners and managers make sound decisions

Why pay for expensive analytics software if it also requires you to hire a data specialist to work on it? The perfect solution should show you meaningful insights directly and save you time and cost, not the other way around. Reports should be ready to make a decision about your marketing strategies on.

Simple to read and understand

Analytics softwares tend to go overboard with complexity. Setting up the reports is frustrating as well and you often need a guide to read them properly. An innovative solution would allow you to just look at the data and spot a trend.

All-in-one tool, combining the analytical and the practical tools that use the data

You don’t want to make additional integrations to connect the dots. The gap between knowing what you need to do and actually doing it shouldn’t be that big. That’s why your analytics solution should be connected to the tools for acting on the data.

Live support

Of course, in the world of data, you’ll have some questions. Support is essential to make you feel comfortable, knowing there’s someone to rely on. A real person always ready to help and answer your questions can’t be replaced.

Metrilo – the One Analytics Platform That Works out of the Box to Bring Actionable Data

Metrilo makes data analytics accessible and affordable to ecommerce businesses of all sizes.

It allows online stores to run data-based marketing and compete without spending too much money and set-up time on complex enterprise software.

The neat part is that it combines the analytics and CRM functionality with an email tool to turn the findings into revenue.

Metrilo has 5-minute integration with your favorite platforms (WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento)

Ready-to-use plugins for the major eCommerce platforms ensure that Metrilo will pull all the data to generate reports and detailed customer profiles. You don’t need any tech skills to set it up on  your store and once you do it, it starts working out of the box.

They’ve gone as far as enabling you to import historical sales data straight from your platform. As soon as you sync it, you start seeing insights and reports.

So what do you get once you sign-up for Metrilo

Ecommerce Analytics

  • Tracks sales, conversions, campaign and product performance, traffic, and more.
  • Tracks people’s actions on site.
  • Reports are simple to understand.
  • Order status changes immediately accounted for in revenue reports.
  • Historical data included in reports.
  • Compares marketing channels ROI.
  • Retention by cohorts (based on product purchased, month of purchase, coupon, etc.)
  • Pre-set conversion funnels ready to use.
  • Product correlations insights.


  • Customer profiles complete with actions taken, product interactions and order history.
  • Live view of current activity on site.
  • Customer segmentation based on behavior.
  • Dynamic segments for quick loading of current matching profiles.
  • Tagging available.
  • CSV exports available.
  • Directly connected to the email feature.


Email Marketing

  • Send email to any customer or customer segment straight from the platform.
  • Use the segmentation in the CRM to personalize messages.
  • Tailor email campaigns for cart abandoners, high spenders, loyal customers, idle customers, window shoppers, coupon lovers, newsletter subscribers, new product lovers and more.
  • A friendly email composer within the platform – can include products from your store, branding, coupons, CTAs, etc.
  • Custom domain and only your branding.
  • List clean-up and protection from emailing the same person too often.
  • Track email campaign performance.
  • Email automation available – for timely and relevant messages.

So if you want to not just monitor what’s happening on your store, but also use it to drive more sales, you might want to try Metrilo. Plus, they let you have as many team members on the project as you need to get the job done – at no extra cost. They offer a 14-day unlimited trial so you can test all features, make some extra sales and see how cool it is to use data for marketing.

About Author

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