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Magento News Weekly #076: 5 Ways to Lower Cart Abandonment Rate, Ian Cassidy Talks to Magenticians, and Tutorials for the Week!

Magenticians is back with a roundup of the Magento world for this week. As always, we have some really great stuff for you so be sure to check out all the link and resources!

Cart abandonment can be a real nuisance and is probably one of the biggest problems ecommerce businesses face. Of all the people that visit your online shop, more than 70% people abandon their cart, which is a bummer. But  Magento has these 5 solutions to make sure cart abandonment is at the lowest this Christmas.

Not Snapchat, not Facebook, and not WhatsApp; these are not the apps millennials can’t live without. It’s – surprisingly – the Amazon app! While this is good news for Jeff Bezos, it’s also great news for the ecommerce industry!

And here is our Interview for the week:

Interview with Ian Cassidy by Syed Muneeb Ul Hasan

And here are the Articles and Tutorials for the week:

How to Override Model in Magento 2 by Syed Muneeb Ul Hasan

Four Free Magento 2 Extensions to Streamline Post-Sales Activities by Sunyyan Junaid

Magento Is Making Billions in Online Sales Possible by Mark Lavelle

Magento Versions – Ten Years Of Ecommerce Excellence by Fayyaz Khattak

Do not depend on window.checkoutConfig by Jisse Reitsma

5 AI Predictions That Could Reshape Commerce by Sunyyan Junaid

That’s all the Magento related news you need to stay up to date this week. Catch us back next week to stay up to date with all things Magento, and do remember that Magenticians is your ultimate stop for all your Magento solutions!