Best Email Marketing Campaign Examples to Learn From

best email marketing campaigns

Whether you are an expert in marketing or just a newbie in this field, it’s always a good chance to learn new things or from your mistakes. Because it’s such a broad field that as much as you’ll explore it you’ll get to learn more new things and skills to improve your content. It’s difficult to find the best email marketing campaign from several options. Because you are getting emails from several sources on a daily basis. Even though you have subscribed to some of them, still it would be a new task for you to find a good email marketing strategy that improves your performance and generates a good profit for you.

If you are looking for an effective email campaign that will help you achieve your goal. We have compiled a list of the best email marketing campaigns below:

  • Litmus

Email from Litmus will give you a refreshing change and experience a new thing in the way of communication. They think out of the box and use GIFs in an interesting way for their email marketing design. It’s not like there isn’t any clarity in their content, they express their message in a very clear way and make their headlines clear. Their content is interactive and the user is compelled to read the whole content as the graphics of GIFs are eye-catching and interact with customers towards them. Their headline does a good job and clearly expresses its message. You might have idea about several influencers on social media that buy Instagram followers and uses several other techniques to deliver their content on a larger audience.

  • Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is one of those companies that take care of the interests of their customers and their preferences. What do their customers liking are and what will interact with them more? They are always working for their customers. Although their design is simple but interactive as they post really interesting pictures that grab the attention of their customers. To make your doubts clear they even post the number of pieces they have left in their store. This helps your customer whether they need to buy it or not. Because these left pieces will not last forever and you won’t be able to buy them.

  • Flock

Flock knows well when the best time to post their marketing emails is. They send well-designed emails to interact with their customers. They work on the creativity of their emails and wait for a good time to boost your productivity. Flock is doing well to send well-designed reminder emails.

  • Uber

You must have used Uber services and most of the time they would have been satisfied with their services. The same is the case with their email marketing software services they run a simple yet effective and successful email campaign. They come straight to the point and make their message clear and brief, this saves a lot of time for those who don’t want to spend their time and skip the initial details of the message. Uber will deliver its message straight and to the point. Even if you are eager to know more you can click on learn the more link to know about their more details. Uber comes up with several promotional campaigns and offers you a new and detailed map to make your journey convenient.

  • BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is so common and popular email marketing platform that generates a lot of traffic with its interesting content. With their engaging content, you’ll be forced to open the email just by reading their subject line. They write content that attracts customers and they are urged to read them. For example, if they are talking about dogs you’ll get to have dog stories every Saturday. Not only their subject line is cool but their stories are also engaging and interactive. You’ll get several links in that newsletter and a lot of cute pictures of dogs of different breeds. If you want any interesting information you can ask them and they’ll reply to you back as soon as possible. You’ll get to have cool replies from them that you’ll love to enjoy.

  • Starbucks

Who doesn’t know about Starbucks and its yummy coffee? Even if you are a successful company, still you need to run campaigns or send newsletters to keep it running and successful. You should know the best way to engage your customers just like Starbucks which attracts their customers. They know better than how to force you to buy a cup of cappuccino and you would love to have their products.

  • Sweetgreen

As the name says it is all ‘green’, it has the best and most stunning design that looks attractive to the customers. They don’t only sell products, they work their best to interact with their customers. You can check their website that how appealing it looks. Even if you unclick the Green Status you’ll get an email that you have opened new perks for you. They even offer free salad for your birthday and it seems welcoming to the customer.

  • Headspace

It creates cute pictures and sends them to its subscribers this urge customers to do whatever the company wants. Because the design is so interactive and cute to handle. The overall structure of the newsletter is precise, brief, and interesting for those who don’t like to scroll and want to have a brief, simple, and accurate message.

  • Airbnb

The design of Airbnb has everything that you are looking for. It’s cool, bright, refreshing, minimalistic, and with a clear objective. They’ll let you know about all the secret places that you want to explore and their ways to them. Whether it’s a secret beach or a local place that is worth visiting. Just like people on social media look for the Instagram Profile Viewer tool to see others’ profiles without notifying them.

  •  Aesop

If you are looking for an example with unique colors, simple design, and beautiful messages in emails. They have unique colors and illustrations on their website. Although they give a brief description of everything that is precise but still you can read more descriptions. As there is always a button to read more information.

We hope that these examples of marketing campaigns will help you improve your marketing campaign. For successful email marketing, it is important that you use the right resources for getting the best leads that target your audience. Here is a list of top 10 email marketing software to help you work on your campaign. Learn about email marketing for non profit organizations also. 

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