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And we are back

Some of you might have noticed we were on hiatus. In this post a quick heads-up to let you know what’s next.

After a long-awaited vacation, we hope to get back on track again. We are starting with catching up with our English version of Matthias‘ bi-weekly Magento news round-ups. This includes back porting the editions we have missed: here‘s the first

In the time we have been away, Magento 2 didn’t stand still and with that, there’s enough to discover and potentially write about. This includes working on and revisiting the backend launcher we started to develop.

Plenty of interesting content, events and other Magento related material has spawned in the period we have been away. We are eager to learn more about those and hope to involve our readers in the process. Because even though we have been silent, we were happy to observe a steady increase of visitors and followers during our absence – thanks for that.

Hope to see you around. If you want to talk, we are available on Twitter or you can traditionally contact us.

Cropped header image by boviate / CC BY-ND 2.0