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Magento News Weekly #042: All The Magento Official News, Tutorials On Your Magento Peeves, The Events You Must Attend, And Much More.

The chilly December wind demands a snuggle in our blankets, but we know it’s important to catch up with what’s going on in the Magento world.  So we’re here with the weekly Round up, and you can catch up instantly!

Magento Official

We’ve got plenty official Magento news. First up, we got the Magento 2 update, that enhances the user experience and improves on the quality and performance. If you’re a Magento Analytics users, you’ll find this brief history of the Magento Analytics support rather useful. Imagine

Excellence Awards are a great way to get recognition for your creativity, innovation, and success story no matter where you are. Submissions are open, and you can submit your entries before imagine 2017.

Meetups are awesome. Read all about Magento meetups here and also a brief history on the gatherings. Magento Black Friday deals are a great way to grab your favorite Magento theme or plugin at incredible prices. Head here to find out how Black Friday did for retailers this year. Magneto is always working towards boosting the productivity of developers. New DevDoc Design will help you increase your efficiency as well!

Magento Tutorials

Fayyaz Khattak is a regular in helping you solve your Magento related problems. Here’s a great tutorial by Fayyaz on How to Install and Configure Elasticsearch on Magento. If you’ve always wondered about how to become a better developer, follow this link to another one of Fayyaz’s excellent insight on the topic!

Muneeb, another Magento expert at Cloudways, is always helping you solve all your Magento issues. Here’s his piece on how to add custom discount on Magento 2.

Building an IT team may seem like a tough task, but follow this tutorial to build yourself a robust team.

Lydia Schaffranek sheds light on how you can sit with the Magento community and help yourself get better and also help the community in any way possible.

Worried that your Magento store may have skeletons in the closet? Worry not, you can still make sure that your Magento website is laden with the best practices from the industry.

Alan Storms Magento quickies are fun to read and get the problems solved quickly. Here’s his tutorial on uiClass Internals. Magento Design configuration has been moved. But with Alan Storms quickie on it, you won’t have much problem with utilizing it again!

Carly Seitz has written an excellent piece on how you can improve the user experience as an Admin in Magento 2. Head over here to help yourself.

Magento Event

Last, but not the least, we want you to be where all the Magenticians assemble. Meet Magento Croatia is happening! And you can get all the necessary info here.

That’s all we have for you this week. See you again next week Magento folks!

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