7 Tips To Become A Good Magento Developer

7 Tips To Become A Good Magento Developer Banner

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Practice makes a man perfect.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e’re familiar with this adage, aren’t we? And, the fact is that it holds true for every sphere of life, be it getting better in studies, sports, coding, or designing, etc. With practice, we throw away imperfection out of our curriculum.

So, to be a good programmer, you have to practice and learn new things with each passing day as there’s always something that can be improved or learned.

With the evolution of ecommerce, there has been a rise in demand for Magento development services. Most of your favorite online stores are based on Magento as it is most preferred by programmers and retailers worldwide.

Magento has a huge online community network for support since it is an open source platform for developing ecommerce sites. Furthermore, it is renowned for its scalability, flexibility, ease of customization, and the ability to ensure smooth functioning of the site, regardless of the hundreds of thousands of pages.

It isn’t difficult to be an expert in Magento development, but it’s not that easy either.

To stand apart from others, you need to walk that extra mile. With time, developers have shown a keen interest in Magento and due to that, the competition is getting tough.

With proper guidance, you can master the skills to become an expert Magento developer. Here are some great tips to help you get started:

Learn the Basics

No matter how much experience you have in programming, before starting with anything new begin with the basics. It should be the first step towards learning anything. Lay a good and strong foundation by getting familiar with Magento programming to be a better programmer. Watch all the tutorials you find useful, be a part of online forums and discussions and, have a grasp of the basics.

Take Magento Certified Developer Exam

Organizations look for candidates with some reliable and good certifications and to highlight your career there nothing can be the best than being a certified Magento Developer. You can take the certified exam and if passed you’d be officially recognized a Magento developer but for that again, you’ve to have a strong hold of basics.

After all, you can validate your skills by earning a Magento certification.

You can enhance your programming skills and also the possibility of being better than the rest by undergoing certification courses. It will only add to your credibility as it will show that you have a professional level ability which others lack.

Follow Magento Related Blogs and Articles

Follow some Magento related blogs and articles as it can really enhance your knowledge. You can keep your finger on the pulse of technological advancement after following them and get to know about any latest functionality improving yourself as a Magento developer.

The best part is that if you have any query, you can post it in the discussion section and get all your doubts clear.

Analyze Thoroughly

As soon as you’re done with coding something, analyze it over and over again to check if there is any way to optimizing it and making it smoother. Don’t jump the gun, have your resources ready and take one or two projects at a time so that you’d gain valuable experience and insight. When you write more code, you’re susceptible to mistakes making way for shortcomings. You can improve your ability accordingly by analysis.

Be a Part of Magento Events

There are many industries Magento events that take place around the world. If possible, you should be a part of such events as you’d get to know a lot from the fellow developers and people who have expertise in such domain. These type of events are important as Magento developers meet each other to share views and thoughts and exchange ideas. It’s always beneficial to participate as you might learn some interesting things about Magento.

Keep a Track of Changes

Use GIT for version control and use it on daily basis. This will help you keep track of what changes you’ve made and would allow you to quickly recover if something undesirable happens like an incorrect code.

Start Putting Question Tags

The difference between a good developer and a developer is the tendency and urge of putting question tags. You should never write a code without answering hows and whys so that you know exactly what will happen during the execution. As a developer, you should dig deep as much as you can for understanding every single functionality and code that your write.

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