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Magento News Weekly #041: Magento 2 Extensions, Argento Giveaway, and Much More

We’re into the 41st week of our Roundups and we’re back with some great news from around the Magento world.

Kicking off the roundup is the launch of updates to the Magento Marketplace for its accelerated growth. The update extends the Magento ecosystem to all its merchants. You can read all about the key capabilities and what the update brings to the stores here.

This article called ’To Affinity analysis and beyond’ is not just a clever wordplay on Buzz Lightyear’s most famous catchphrase, but it’s indeed a really helpful analysis service

Holidays can a rough time to play your ecommerce cards. But we know it’s also one of the best time to play because it can help you shoot your sales high in the sky. Carl Hartmann, the CEO and Co-founder of Temando, has written a great post on 12 ways to survive retail among your fiercest competitors during the holiday season. Don’t forget to sharpen your knives!

Magento 2 has turned a year old, and Meetup celebrated it with style by holding a meetup for the Magenticians. It was a great event, devoid of any sales pitches. It was just folks who love Magento and love hanging out with fellow users with beer in hands!

Alan Storm is a regular in our roundups and he’s back with three articles: Javascript Primer for uiElements Internals, Tracing Javascript’s Prototype Chain, and a Magento quickie on New Keyword Not Required for UI Component Javascript Objects.

Looking for a Theme for your Magento? Here’s a chance for you to win a license from Argento, one of the most versatile themes out there. Don’t miss your chance!

Solve your most difficult problems (shop being too slow and difficulty in scaling) by following this link.

Muneeb has written an excellent piece on how to add quantity increment button in your Magento. If you’ve been wanting to do that to your store, your search for a tutorial ends now!

Fabian Schmengler has made the process of generating PDF in Magento look simple with this tutorial. With an in depth guide on how to to generate PDF, you won’t have to deal with Magento’s own inflexible methods.

Extensions are necessary to give your Magento powers beyond what it already has. Here is a list of top 5 free extensions for Magento that can be really handy for your store!

Migration to Magento 2 may seem complex to you, but Vitaly Gonkov’s case study will ensure that you understand the process with clarity. This case study is all you need to migrating to Magento 2.

This covers up the most important news from around the Magento world for now! As usual, we’ll be back next week with another issue!

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