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Magento News Weekly 035: Customize Magento 2 Homepage, Iurașog Ștefan Interview, Forget Magento Password and More

It is time for the weekly news of the Magento world.

Customizing the home page of the Magento 2 store is an important way of enhancing visitor retention and sales. Read this excellent article on how you could easily customize the front page of your store.

Magento 2 introduces a revamped Administration area that might confuse even the veterans of Magento 1. This blog details the areas that have changed and/improved in Magento 2.

Users forget passwords all the time. For Magento stores, the “Forget Password Page” is a common way of recovering passwords. Read this interesting blog on the topic of using this page on your store.

Related products suggestions are an excellent way of up selling products on your Magento store. In this excellent blog, read the importance of setting up related products rules.

Observer events are an important aspect of Magento development. In this very interesting blog, Yaroslav Rogoza has highlighted the use of observer events and Magento module development.

Many Magento users consider Shell too difficult to use. However, after reading this blog, you will find that creating a new user using shell is a walk in the park!

The right theme has a significant impact on the standing and revenues of any Magento store. Read an interesting blog on the various types of Magento store themes.

Security should be the first and foremost concern of Magento store administrators. To save time, here are several real-world tips on tightening the security of your Magento store.

Next, up, here are two informative interviews that you should check out.

The first interview is of Iurașog Ștefan, an experienced Magento frontend developer. He discusses frontend development in the context of Magento stores and the very helpful Magento community.

The second interview is of Tim Bezhashvyly, a seasoned Magento developer. He talks about his 17 years of development experience and the value of conferences for Magento community.

The agenda for Meet Magento World has been revealed. If you are interested in attending the event, you should defiantly checkout the agenda.

To round off this post, let me leave you an excellent video by Rebecca Troth. Check out the video to learn how to launch a Magento 2 store in easy steps.

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