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Magento Weekly 002: Imagine Excellence Awards Nomination Call, Magento 2 SEO, Elasticsearch & more

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Good evening, the good people of Magento!

I hope you all had a profitable week!. I surely had a good one, and it’s going to be better. Why?
Well, I am going to tell you what happened all this week.
First things first, the awards season is here.

Oh, not Oscars! I mean Magento Imagine Excellence Awards. We can call them “Imaginies!”

OK, Grumpy! Well, the official Magento team is now calling for nominations. Check the post for more details.
Let’s talk about some security business: Security Patches.

Maria Zayac from Atwix has written about the importance of installing Magento security patches. Honestly speaking, Magento store owners should take patching seriously. There are numerous cases where storekeepers won’t apply security fixes for months.

Let’s talk SEO for Magento 2.

The top priority for any SEO practitioner is to integrate Google Analytics (GA) code inside a website in order to get up-to-date reports related to performance on the Google Search. Andrey Dubina wrote this awesome piece on how to add the GA code in Magento 2. He did not stop there. Next, he authored the way to generate a sitemap in Magento 2.


But, there is more to SEO than just putting codes and generating sitemaps. You can improve your search engine ranking by incorporating a blog.

For Magento 2, Firebear Studios has compiled a nice list of blogging extensions for Magento 2 shops. So, type away!

(Want more SEO inspiration? Check this guide!)

Talking about search engines, it is important to have a good search functionality. I think there’s nothing better than Elasticsearch. Noor Ali has created this easy-to-use tutorial on using Elasticsearch with Magento.

Dusan Lukic has now cracked the code for using annotations in Magento 2. Excellent stuff!

And, there is a lot more to read:

Oh yeah, the announcement for Meet Magento Ireland has been made. Some of us will be running at the “Imagine a Big Dam Run”. It will be so fun!


Let’s end this with a party song!

See you soon!

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