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Magento Weekly 001: Magento 2 ORM, Using Magento 2 with Laravel & More

Magento news weekly 16

It’s the last day of the week. So, let’s catch up on the latest trends from the Magento world.


Ok, Grumpy! I will bore them with my text intro.

Magento Weekly is the all-new weekly news digest from Magenticians. Every Friday, somewhere near lunchtime in Europe, you will see a curated post about Magento news, events, and developments.


Sure, Willy!

Those Inchoo engineers are brilliant! I bet the Croatian coastline boosts their creativity. This week, UX and UI design specialist Marko Brisevac has created an awesome post on improving the usability of Magento stores. Come to think of it: usability is the most important factor when it comes to any business. So, you should keep an eye on it.

What’s the other thing you should keep an eye on? It’s speed optimization. The experts at Sam-Ecommerce have created a use case on “how they optimized”. Some of their tips really make sense. You know what they say: Time is money!


Who’s cooler than Ryan Reynolds? It’s Ryan Street, of course! This week, he has written down a post explaining Magento 2 ORM. This tutorial highlights how easy Magento 2 development is.

Also, Alan Storm has penned down this interesting article on using Magento 2 with Laravel Homestead. Considering the vast popularity of Laravel, it kinda makes sense to test this structure out.

Staying on Magento 2 developments, Wajid Hussain discusses how to secure Cron.php file in Magento 2.

Coming back to Ryan, he also created a blog post on how to set and update scripts on Magento 2.

For such awesomeness, we give them COOKIES!!!!


Ever since Magento 2 has been out, there is a debate of “should we update” or “should we not update”? Nestor Gonzalez thinks it is not the right time for it. He says this is in an interview where he also talks about Magento events.

Speaking of events, the official MagentoLive France 2016 round-up is out. Plus, Meet Magento Italy is happening in less than 20 days. So, gather up for the biggest Magento event in the land of pizza.


Lastly, we have a success to celebrate.

Magento’s very own Sherrie Rohde shares that we now have 100,000 members on the official Magento forums.


And, here are some great other developments from the community:
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Interactive Bash script for managing themes in Magento 2
Building a new store with Magento – A DIY Approach to Running a Magento Store
How to add an external javascript/css file to Magento?
Magento 2 SMTP Email Settings (A Amasty Extension)
MageTalk Episode 78 – In the Same Breathable Air

That’s it. But as this is a Friday, I shall leave you with a party song.

Dance away, good people of Magento!

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