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Magento News for the weeks 51 & 52

The weeks 51 & 52 were marked by the release of the Magento 2 Developer Beta and people writing about, developing on and playing with it.


  • Magento 1.X stood in the shadow of its newborn brother this week. Most folks went on to have a play with the Magento 2 Developer Beta release.
  • MageWorx reviewed the 6 most popular Magento SEO extensions to determine which one offers the broadest future set. Even though they also include their own extension, it’s not that much of an advertorial.
  • Meanbee wrote about the RequestAutocomplete API and how it can be used to optimize the Magento checkout process.
  • Fabian published a code snippet which can be used to export Magento configuration data to an XML file.
  • n98-magerun: Yireo released an addon for managing admin roles and the n98-magerun blog covered a bunch of n98-magerun addons by Peter Jaap.

Magento 2


  • Final call: if the goals for the Mage Unconference aren’t met in three days from now, the event will be canceled. Get your ticket if you haven’t already.
  • Some people let the whole Magento-meta-jokes slip a bit too far!
  • MageHero, a Magento developer listing, seems to be dying down. Great initiative so hopefully it gets steered in a good direction one day or later.
  • …and that’s about it?! Full stomachs and family gatherings are to blame.

Those who master German, don’t forget to check out Matthias Zeis’ (he got interviewed recently) Magento-Neuigkeiten which our round-ups are based on. If we missed a module release, made a mistake or you want to say hello, let us know on Twitter, in the comments below or send us an email.

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