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Magento News

Magento News for the weeks 21 and 22

magento news - weeks 21 and 22 - 2014

In collaboration with Matthias Zeis (@mzeis), we are cross-posting biweekly summaries of Magento news in English. Here’s the first edition, of week 21 and 22.



Magento 2

  • goes mobile-first for the new Blank theme, various fixes and a whole lot of functional tests have been added.
  • was a bit pale in comparison (recovery from Magento Imagine) but fixed quite a few issues nevertheless.
  • got into tax calculation issues, added more functional tests and another long list of all sorts of issues being fixed.
  • Note that this is the smallest of the summaries, the official changelog goes more in-depth.
  • Fabrizio keeps updating his code statistics regarding the Magento code base. Everything up to dev77 is taken into account.
  • Alan Kent (eBay/Magento) started writing about Magento 2 on his personal blog. His first post describes the goals of Magento 2. Interesting to see someone close to the process reflecting.
  • Alan’s second post dives into the Magento 2 Service Layer; a layer between presentation and business logic to help streamline separation of concerns.
  • Thirdly, but probably not his last writing on the matter, Alan describes the modularization of Magento 2.

And that’s a wrap. Please note that the original “Magento-Neuigkeiten” contains a lot of content in German which we have stripped out for convenience of our English audience.

We hope to provide you with a new list in two weeks. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date or let us know if you’ve got something we forgot.

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