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Magento News Roundup #22

Magento News Roundup #22

The Magento 2 Developer Release Candidate has been out in the open for a good two weeks now, Magento itself is 7 years old and finally a list to get those wrong pronunciations out of the podcast-world. This is the 22nd edition of the Magento News Roundup.


  • Magento 1.0 got released on March 31, 2008. That is (a bit) more than 7 years ago! Happy anniversary.
  • Fabian Schmengler continued his series with useful tips for the Ecomdev_PHPUnit framework (#4, #5 and #6).
  • Fabian also wrote an interesting article which dives into the common process of approaching a refactor of an “old” theme for a newer Magento version.
  • On April 1st, maybe badly timed because it’s very serious, we hosted Winston from SnapFast which talked about the newly discovered “mage.jpg” malware.
  • EcomDev_LayoutCompiler compiles Magento layout files to executable PHP files which can then be cached by the opcode cache. It has the potential to shift off 200ms from page load time.
  • For a hackathon project to minimize Magento CE its footprint, Daniel asks which core modules you have disabled in your Magento installation. The survey can be found here.
  • In an experimental Magento module by the same Daniel, he manages to drastically reduce indexing time. For example, the price indexing runtime was reduced from 23 minutes to only 5.
  • In case you often find yourself typing HTML in the Magento backend and would like some syntax highlighting for that, the Bubble_Highlighter module got you covered.
  • If you want to introduce more flexibility for the CMS blocks instead of one single WYSIWYG-field, the AntoineK_Cms brings functionality for additional fields for CMS blocks. Sounds a bit like WordPress their custom fields mechanism.
  • Ampersand published a detailed description of a bug in the Magento EE flat index process which incorrectly marks to-be-indexed log entries as resolved. The accompanying repository even includes a unit test to proof its point. Bug reports don’t get more detailed than that!
  • Inchoo published a new rundown of the state of the Magento Solution Specialist certification.
  • Tuts+ published an article detailing how to deal with custom back-end configuration. In case you want something more in-depth, Alan Storm is the direction you should look at.
  • An interesting discussion on Twitter: “merchants on average have X extensions. By year two they have Y. What is X and Y?”
  • Mathew Beane wrote an in-depth article about using the Magento Performance Toolkit.
  • Wigman_AjaxSwatches is now at version 0.4.2. Lots of bug fixes since the first release but also new functionality like compatibility with custom layered navigation modules.
  • MageDebugBar, built on top of PHPDebugBar can be used to inspect Magento layout configurations. The demo video says a thousand words.
  • Hodor hodor.

Magento 2


A tad later than usual, but that’s about it for the 22nd edition. If you can read German, don’t forget to check out Matthias Zeis’ Magento Neuigkeiten which we are basing our Magento News Roundups on. In case we forgot to mention you, made a mistake or missed an awesome Magento project, let us know on Twitter, in the comments below or send us an email. Thanks for reading.

Header image background by Stefano Corso (Pensiero)

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