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Magento News Roundup #20

Magento News Roundup #20

Thousands of dollars in prize money, four interviews and the first MageUnconference ever: here’s what happened in the Magento world in the past two weeks.


Magento 2

  • If you have some spare time left, the Magento 2 Extension Challenge invites developers to have a play with Magento 2 by either developing an extension which shares code between Magento 1 and 2, or develop a solution for programmatically converting code from Magento 1 to 2. All prizes include a free ticket to Magento Imagine (including flight and stay) and there’s up to $5000 in prize money.
  • 0.42.0-beta10 and –beta11 bring, among others, the following changes:
    • The Magento_Config and Magento_Variable modules are introduced to have better separation of concerns.
    • Various improvements in the dependency injection framework have resulted in a combined performance improvement of 3%.
    • Various improvements to the setup tool have been made.
    • Installation of sample data has been streamlined and can now be added post-installation.
    • All inline JavaScript code has been eliminated.
  • Magento 2 developer documentation can now be ran privately and they are still actively looking for contributions. If you haven’t already, you should definitely follow @MagentoDevDocs on Twitter for regular status updates.
  • Peter Jaap has started writing about Magento 2 backend configuration and what the differences are with Magento 1.X.
  • Daniel Fahlke released a Magento 2 extension for authenticating with Github. Another module of his should help with getting more insight when the Magento 2 system throws an exception.
  • Alan Kent wrote about improving page speed for Magento 2. No hard figures, but more of an explanation of what Magento 2 is doing to increase performance. He also gave his personal opinion on the various types of dependency injection and why Magento 2 uses constructor injection.


German speakers, don’t forget to check out Matthias Zeis’ Magento Neuigkeiten which we are basing our Magento News Roundups on. In case we forgot to mention you, made a mistake or missed an awesome Magento project, let us know on Twitter, in the comments below or send us an email. Thanks for reading.

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