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Magento News Roundup #19

Magento News Roundup #19

In this 19th edition of the Magento News Roundup, we have the results of the second edition of MageStackDay, a Magento security patch and an overview of how Magento 2 is really becoming an open source project.


  • Magento released a security patch to address “a potential remote code execution issue” which affects Magento CE 1.4 to 1.9.X and EE 1.7 to 1.14.X. The email sent out to enterprise edition users states that there are no reports of shops in the wild being affected.
  • James Cowie wrote an in-depth article on behavior driven development and Magento. It’s likely more articles on the subject will follow.
  • MagePsycho_Xmllinks simplifies the process of toggling frontend blocks with links in them on and off by creating a backend interface for it.
  • MageSetup by the FireGento team has reached version 2.2.2. MageSetup can be used to quickly configure a store for a specific country according to a rule set.
  • Kevin Schroeder published a peak-request benchmark comparing Magento performance with the HHVM and PHP-FPM.
  • Jay El-Kaake managed to port the PrototypeJS validation library used by Magento to jQuery.
  • Already covered in an older roundup, Fabian Schmengler now has an accompanying explanation for the functionality of the SSE_AclReload extension.

Magento 2

  • Magento 2 has recently hit 0.42.0-beta8 and 0.42.0-beta9. According to the Magento 2 engineering lead, they “are close” to the developer release candidate:
    • The installation wizard has been restyled.
    • An increase of static tests for .phtml (template) files.
    • Frontend resources are now manageable with expiration and lifetime cycles.
    • Layout processing should now be faster and the generated HTML is minified.
    • Adding an item to the cart is now done over AJAX by default (Magento 1.X has third-party modules to do that).
    • Frontend has improved accessibility by being more generous with WAI-ARIA attributes.
    • Efforts to eliminate the Magento_Core module are continuing.
    • 7 pull requests have been accepted, including a much desired fix to allow camelcase in vendor names when creating backend-menus.
    • Don’t forget to check out the changelog for the full story.
  • We published an update for the “On Magento 2 being “open source”” article.
  • In the previous roundup we made note of upcoming changes to the Magento 2 admin theme and apparently we are going to love it.


That’s it for the 19th edition. German speakers, don’t forget to check out Matthias Zeis’ Magento Neuigkeiten which we are basing our Magento News Roundups on. In case we forgot your blog post, made a mistake or missed an awesome Magento project, let us know on Twitter, in the comments below or send us an email. Thanks for reading!

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