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Magento News Roundup #18

Magento News Roundup #18

Busy days and we apologize for not fulfilling the Magento News Roundup two weeks ago. Here’s a double-sized edition to get back on track.

Because in reality this should have actually been split into Magento News Roundup #18 and #19 – four weeks instead of two – it’s a bit bigger than usual. Items on the lists are not necessarily in chronological order.


Magento 2

  • The stable version of Magento 2 is now at 0.42.0-beta7. Here is a rough summary of what happened in four weeks – that’s since 0.42.0-beta3 – of development:
    • The composer.json file now hosts version information for themes instead of theme.xml. This implies that themes will see more dependency of Composer.
    • PHP 5.6 is now a requirement for Magento 2 and PHP 5.4 is no longer supported.
    • Uploaded images will be compressed
    • A new admin theme is in the works?!
    • The Magento_Core module is being outphased.
    • Magento 2 now supports Varnish 4.
    • Magento 2 will be making use of Jasmine and PhantomJS for JavaScript testing.
    • The performance toolkit has been improved.
    • The setup tool has been improved and now allows to programmatically disable and enable modules.
    • More than 70 bugs fixed!
    • Don’t forget to check out the changelog for the full story.
  • New in the Magento 2 workflow are “up for grabs” issues which the community can work on. Ben Marks has a blog post with more background information.
  • Ben also has a blog post in which he reaches out to the community for feedback on Paypal and Magento integration.
  • A set of people from the Magento 2 team got on the Magento subreddit and participated in an “ask-us-anything“-chat. We compiled 7 interesting takeaways.
  • Alan Kent explains the difference between Magento 2 containers and blocks in the layout system.
  • In a poll by the same Alan, he asks the community for input on whether XSD references (in XML files) should be real URLs or not.
  • Marko Martinovic benchmarked Magento 2 beta 3 (0.42.0-beta3) against Magento Enterprise Edition and discovered it is much slower.
  • The Magento 2 vimeo album has a couple of new videos ranging from installing Magento 2 sample data to a global overview of the Magento 2 framework.
  • WebShopApps translated the Magento 2 roadmap for merchants. I.e. when, how and should I update my webshop to Magento 2 and what happens with my Magento 1 store?
  • In the previous edition we mentioned James Cowie is working on MageSpec for Magento 2 and the latest news is that his POC works: it can generate Magento 2 compatible code.
  • gatling_magento2 by Creatuity is a Gatling-project for stress-testing Magento 2 stores. It currently only tests the checkout process as a guest.
  • Creatuity its CEO (Joshua Warren) wrote about the missing Magento 2 certifications and how the lack thereof might become a problem with identifying capable Magento 2 developers.
  • Other assorted writings about Magento 2 in the recent weeks:
  • Cyrill Schumacher is on a run:
    • He released an extension which makes the Twig template engine work with Magento 2.
    • An other extension does the same trick but uses Markdown as template engine.
    • He open-sourced his Hotkeys module which – as the name suggests – adds keyboard shortcuts to your Magento backend.
    • His Magento2-Data-Migration tool comes with absolutely no warranty but should be able to help migrating a Magento 1 database to Magento 2.
  • Speaking about database migrations: Alan Kent wrote about the official plans.
  • Ignacio Riesco is waiting on the merchant-oriented meeting for Magento 2, something like the Magento 2 developer forum held at Magento Developer Paradise. Head of product management at Magento notes that they are already happening.
  • n98-magerun2 is still under heavy development. In the February project update, Christian Münch gives insight into how progress is coming along.


That’s about it! Again, apologies for being two weeks too late but hopefully this double-sized edition makes up for it. If you fluent German, don’t forget to check out Matthias Zeis’ Magento Neuigkeiten which we are basing our Magento News Roundups on. In case we forgot your blog post, made a mistake or missed an awesome Magento project, let us know on Twitter, in the comments below or send us an email. Thanks for reading!

Header image background by Stefano Corso (Pensiero)

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