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How To Customize Magento 2 404 Error Page Not Found

The 404 page not found is one of the most common web errors and it occurs when the web or store is active but a  specific page(s) is not active or does not exist. From an ecommerce store point of view, it is a very important page because whenever customers face that page, they can either leave your store without completing their purchase or end up not using your website at all. It would be a better option to show something or an informative display of some sort to keep the customer engaged or else, rather than the default 404 error page.

It is no secret, Magento 2 is leading the ecommerce platform since it is loaded with many awesome features. Today, I am going to teach you, how to customize Magento 2 404 Error Page Not Found.

Why Edit Magento 2 404 Error Page Not Found?

Since more time being spent on your store equates towards more sales and conversions, you need to keep customers glued to your Magento 2 powered store. You can start by making changes in your “404 Error Page Not Found” page;

Let’s start!

By default the Magento 2 404 Error Page Not Found looks like this:

old magento 2 404 pageLet’s suppose you have to make the Magento 2 404 error page smoother while showing off some products on it and remove unwanted blocks and containers from it.

Open the admin panel of your Magento 2 store and go to CONTENT → Pages:

content pages magento 2 404 page

Now click on Edit:

edit 404 page magento 2

404 Not Found edit page will be displayed:

404 edit page

Let’s change the Page Title, I am replacing 404 Not Found with Nothing Found Here:

page title 404

Now move to the Content section and then navigate to Content Heading field and clear it :

remove content heading magento 2 404 page

Scroll down more and you will see the current content of your Magento 2 store 404 page:

inner existing 404 page content magento 2

Remove the old content and add your own. I am adding two lines, The page you’re looking for doesn’t exist and Some of Our New Products:

content text magento 2 404 page

Now click on Show/Hide Editor:

click editor 404 page magento 2

Add <br> at the start:

add br magento 2 404 page

Now click on Insert Widget to add products:

insert widget 404 magento 2

Select Catalog New Products List from Widget Type drop-down and set all the other settings. Once it done, click on Insert Widget button:

insert widget 404 page magento 2

And then you will see this:

Now move to design section, select 1 column from Layout drop-down:

design section 404 page magento 2


Now to remove the unwanted containers and blocks, you need to add an XML code in the  Layout Update XML field.

To remove header container:

<referenceContainer name="header.panel" remove="true" />

To remove search box block:

<referenceBlock name="" remove="true"/>

To remove navigation menu block:

<referenceBlock name="navigation.sections" remove="true"/>

To remove Compare product block:

<referenceBlock name=”” remove=”true”/>

To remove Wishlist block:

<referenceBlock name="wishlist_sidebar" remove="true" />

To remove footer container:

<referenceContainer name="footer-container"  remove="true"/> 

To remove copyright block:

<referenceBlock name="copyright" remove="true"/>

The final xml will be:

Add it to Layout Update XML:

layout update magento 2 404 page

Now click on Save Page from the top of the page:

save page 404 magento 2

Note: Don’t forget to clean the cache

Open your Magento 2 404 Error Page and you will see your desired result:

404 page result

Wrapping Up

Customizing 404 Error Page Not Found can help boost the flow of sales for you. In this guide I have shown you a simple example, you can edit Magento 2 404 Error Page Not Found according to your needs and requirements.


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