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Magenticians News Weekly #040: Sherrie Rohde’s Interview, Alan Storms Quick Guides, Guide on Using Dockers, and Much More

We’re in the 40th week of our Magenticians weekly roundup issue. And this week, we have some amazing news from around the Magento world.

Sherrie Rohde, the community manager at Magento, has written a wonderful piece on Magento Masters contributing to the Magento community. The key topic of the discussion included why, how, and when they started using Magento and several useful suggestions.

Understanding why speed is the best way to ensure your customers will choose you over your competition is important. Head over to this blog post by Magento to learn why performance is key to providing a better customer experience.

Agreed upon definitions of key metrics ensures that your goals have the same definition across the company. Hence, you need to build and maintain a master data dictionary. Get started with this guide.

Experience speaks. In the case of interviews, it literally speaks. And in case you wanted Sherrie Rohde’s word on how to succeed in the Magento world, here’s the link to your granted wish. She also has some cool advice for you, so don’t miss out.

Alan Storm is back again with his list of highly resourceful tutorials. If you’ve been facing issues with Magento’s UiElements and Observables, head over here to resolve the issue. Here’s Alan Storm’s quickie on UiElement modules defaults and UiRegistry Async module fetching. Got a problem in the UiElement’s local storage module? Problem solved. Learn about the UiElement “Statefull” default here. Lastly, Alan Storm sheds light on UiElement provider and source defaults. Learn it here.

Creating a development environment isn’t an easy task, but Volodymyr Vygovskyi is here to make your life easy. With his guide on how to use Docker, an open source container technology, you’ll be able to build the configuration you want to.

If your Magento has been affected by Malware, Muneeb Ul Hasan has the perfect solution for you. Head over to this Cloudways blog by Muneeb and get rid of the problem.

People with experience can teach us a lot. Wait, we’ve already said that. Then don’t wait and learn from Kristof Ringleff’s experience and read what two years of developing Magento has taught him.

Security of your Magento store is crucial to keeping your store alive and running without any hassle. Emily has written an excellent guide to improving the security of your Magento, so you can implement her suggestions straight away.

Hiring a Magento developer can be difficult. You never know which developer will the right for your requirements. But with this awesome guide, you can ensure that you are on the right track.

Celebros has a great post on how to use the site search data to improve merchandising for your store. You know that data is key behind smart merchandising decisions, so using this guide will set you on way to better success.

Rounding off this week’s roundup is Jefferey Tower’s short manual on driving traffic to your website and increasing your subscriber’s list.

That’s it for the week folks. We’ll be back with another issue of important news from around the Magento world next week!

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