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Magenticians News Weekly 036: Magento Celebrated One Year, Magestore Cloudways Giveaway, Interview With Marko Briševac and more

We’re back with our weekly round-up of news from around the Magento world.

Yesterday, on 3rd November, Magento celebrated one year of becoming an independent company! Here’s Magento’s official celebration tweet.

With an increasing number of brute force password guessing attacks on Magento, protecting your Magento Store with further security is crucial. Protect your Magento from Password guessing attacks with this tutorial!

Magento Commerce and Acquia forge Partnership to unify commerce and content. Read all about it here.

Fayyaz Khattak from Cloudways wrote an excellent piece about setting up the Base using Magestore One step checkout and Mega Menu. Cloudways is also offering a Giveaway, so head over there and find out!

Understanding UI components can be difficult. Keeping that in mind, this blog post does an amazing job of helping you understanding UI component!

If you’ve been wondering how to create a Cronjob in Magento 2, here’s where you should be heading.

Domagoj Potkoc makes creating a listener in Magento 2 UI component a walk in the park!

There are several issues in Magento 2, and we understand that completely. Resolve your most common SSL configuration issues in Magento right now!

We can’t stress enough on how important security is for your Magento website. Magento released a new security patch SUPEE-8788, and you should be installing it right now.

Don’t let new features pass you by. New features come and go, and many times, you are missing out on the opportunity to make your store a powerhouse. Always stay update with new features and security patches to stay on top of your game.

Looking for words of wisdom from the veterans in the industry? We have you covered.

First up is an interview with Marko Briševac. Marko talks and answers some of the most common questions clients come up with and how to deal with them. Marko believes design goes deeper than just make the website look pretty!

Magento 2 wins the B2B market. Catch up with the announcement here.

We’re finishing off this weekly round-up with this excellent video by Rebecca Troth to hear the top stories from the Magento world:

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