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Magento News Weekly 033: Resources for Magento Developers, REST API Endpoints for Magento 2, Knockout JS with Magento 2 and more

Magenticians, it has been a wonderful week in the world of Magento!

Let me start this roundup with some excellent news.

Magento has become the leading ecommerce platform for top retailers. In this article, Katie Evans details the rise of Magento in ecommerce world.

Customer experience lies at the heart of every Magento dev project. Brent Peterson offers some serious insights into the concept of customer experience in Magento development projects.

Security is the fundamental pillar of every Magento store. A recent blog at GitHub details a recent skimming attack that had the community on the alert.

Magento 2 has now become the mainstream development platform for ecommerce projects. Magenticians recently covered the major differences between Magento 1 and Magneto 2.

Many people opt for Magento for their ecommerce stores. However, selecting the right developer for the project is an important decision that requires some careful thought. In this blog, Adam Orr has discussed this issue in some detail.

This week, top resources published several interesting articles for Magento developers.

Keeping up with the rapidly changing landscape of Magneto development is a hassle for the majority of the developers. Fayyaz Khattak has compiled a useful list of resources for busy Magento developers. For developers interested in reading in depth about Magento, Ian Cassidy has created of must-read Magento books.

Adding a new column to the standard admin grid is a real-world challenge for many Magento developers.  Thanga Durai discusses this issue and offers a solution in a detailed article.

Sonja Riesterer describes a Magento 2 extension that allows free-of-cost integration of Solr into ecommerce platform.  Solr has become an important player in the product search engine segment of the Magento platform.

Many Magento developers now use JavaScript for frontend components of the ecommerce stores. Richard Thompson has written an excellent piece on integrating Knockout JS with Magento 2.

Brendon has written an excellent blog on the creating custom REST API endpoints for Magento 2. This blog highlights the technical aspects of the Magento 2 custom REST API.

Admin accounts are a sensitive issue in Magento Security Paradigm. Raphael Thiel has written a concise blog on creating a new admin account in Magneto 2.

Redis has become an important database option for Magento powered stores. In this blog, Stefan Wieczorek discusses how to configure Redis with Magento 2.

Finally, Magento announced a partnership program that brings together Magento Marketplace and Xcelerate Technology Partner Program.

This is it for this week. Read up some of the technical articles or the Magento news items and have a great weekend!

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