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Magento News Weekly 032: Adobe And Magento Partnership, Additional Options In Magneto 2 Cart, Magento 2 Opinion and More

Magenticians, it is time for the weekly news roundup of the Magento world!

Let us start with the great news about a real world demonstration of the capabilities of the Magento Platform. Slendertone, a leading supplier of body shape and muscle toning products used the capabilities of the platform to increase customer engagement and sales.

With the holiday season just around the corner, Magento store owners are gearing up for the crunch. The official Magento blog has published an excellent piece on turning the holiday shoppers into regular customers of your store.

Magento community offered its opinion on Magento 2 when Tomislav Bilic ran a Twitter poll about the platform. To say the least, the results were shocking!

High value Magento training resources are rather hard to find. Mathew Beane has created a very detailed slide deck aimed at budding Magento 2 developers.

For Magento developers, this was an exciting week!

Fabian Schmengler published a great summation of the Magento’s StackExcahge threads. The blog post offers the most interesting posts of the week.

Alan Kent wrote about the ongoing project of SaaS porting of the theme Less files. The article discusses several aspects of the project including Autoprefexing and proposed changes in the rules.

Sometimes, the default Magento 2 cart is not enough for the task. Fayyaz Khattak has written an excellent piece on adding additional options in Magneto 2 cart.

Hosting is the foundation of any successful Magento store. This excellent piece on Magento optimized hosting offers pertinent advice on selecting the right hosting for your store.

Custom configuration files in Magento 2 are an important option for developers who wish to add customer-specific features to the store. This piece by Yaroslav Rogoza details the use of custom configuration files in magento 2.

Installing Magento modules on live servers could be problematic. Kelly Mason has written a quick article that offers a great solution to this issue.

Kali Kasprzyk has covered the recent Adobe and Magento partnership in an excellent piece.

E6 template literals are an exciting aspect of the Magento 2 UI Component system. Alan Strom has written a very detailed overview of the JS feature of the Components system.

Related Products are an excellent way of up-selling at your store. Deborah Tilghman has written an excellent article on setting up and modifying related products rules for Magento store.

Now, two items about Magento events.

Imagine 2017 is calling for speakers. Register now and get a chance to speak at one of the largest events in Magento world.

Magento meetup will feature Johanna Richardson,  Senior Product Manager at RJMetrics. The event will take place on October 12, 2016.

Finally, you should check out the very articulate Rebecca Troth presenting her views on Magento world. This episode includes her interview with Guido Jansen and Magenticians’ interview with Yoav Kutner.

Hope you find something useful or interesting in this roundup and have a great weekend!

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