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Magento News Weekly 031: Reindex Magento, Magento & Adobe, Integrate Solr or ElasticSearch Magento and More

It is time for the news from the world of Magento.

Magento certification is held in high esteem by the entire community. To make sure that the certification programs reaches further and benefit the industry even more, Magento announced its partnership with Kryterion, a leading online exam proctoring services provider. This is a great move and will result in better certified Magento developers.

Enhancing customer experience is now considered one of the fundamental way of increasing engagement, conversions and ultimately revenues. Keeping this in mind, Magento has partnered with Adobe to bring Adobe Experience Manager to Magento platform. This integration will result in better personalization of the brand channels and storefronts.

Magento 2 has been out for some time now and the community has started using the platform for new and existing projects. In this great read, leading industry experts share their opinion about Magento 2.

eCommerce Expo 2016 took place in London and was attended by over 5000 attendees. The event was a great success within the community. The best thing about the event was list of nominees that spanned the entire spectrum of magneto industry from solution providers to development agencies.

Now for some development focused news and articles!

Fabian Schmengler has made a great point about the Helper Functions. In this short article, he highlighted the case against depending too much on Helper classes.

Next up is a great slide deck by Bartek Igielski about Progressive Web applications.

Using 30 slides, Igielski has highlighted the benefits of Web apps for both developers and end users.

Search is perhaps the most important component of any Magento store. Domagoj

Potkoc has written an excellent blog about how to integrate Solr or ElasticSearch as primary search engine of your Magento store.

Magento 2 uses Vary Cookie to highlight the version of the page that  the user requested. In this excellent read, Max Pronko explains what Vary Cookie is and how it is implemented in Magento 2.

Reindexing Magento database(s) is one of the best ways of ensuring the the store does not slows down for the visitors. Fayyaz Khattak has written an enlightening article about how to reindex Magento databases.

Many Magento projects start on the developer’s local machines. However, many project break when they are transferred to live servers. Read how to properly move the project to live servers without breaking the code.

Finally, on a lighter note, Atwix has released several Magento themed wallpapers to liven up your screens. Check out Magento as a superherion and with two lightsabers

I hope you have a great week and that your coming week offer great prospects and fun!

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