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Magento News Weekly 030: Yoav Kutner Interview, Database Query Logging, Happy Birthday Magento 2 and More

Get ready for the top Magento news from around the world.

The first item on the menu is the interview with Yoav Kutner, one of the co-founders of Magento. Kutner recounted the early days of Magento and then discussed Magento 2. He also talked about Oro, his latest venture and OroCRM, a game-changing product.

Red Box Digital interviewed Max Bucknell, a well-known Magento developer about the strengths of Magento 2. The interview explored the present Magento platform and what the future holds for Magento development.

Holiday season would be upon us soon and it is time to setup things right to make sure that things continue to work properly during the crunch time. Lewis Sellers details nine excellent tips for gearing  up your store for maximum revenues and performance.

Checkout has always remained a point of concern for many store owners. We believe that a technical overview of the Magento’s checkout process could help owners understand the process and related components much better.

Now for something for developers!

For medium and large stores, even simple REST calls cold return a huge data set. Here is how you could solve this issue by using filtered responses for REST API requests.

Understanding the process of request flow in Magento is important for both developers and store admins because of its essential connection with the UI/UX elements and the revenue of the store.

Magento 2 has entered mainstream Magento ecosystem.

For Magento developers who have started projects on the platform, here are three important pieces to read over the weekend:

Adding a new page to an already-developed Magento 2 store is very easy. Just following the instructions in this tutorial and the page would be up and running in no time.

Creating UI components for Magento 2 stores does not have to be a difficult or drawn out project. UI components could be easily developed by using JS and Magento’s UI Component system.

Database query logging is an excellent feature of Magento platform that allows the administrators and developers to look out for issues in Database optimization. In this article, Max Pronko details how to enable this feature in Magento 2.

Security remains the most important aspect of any Magento based ecommerce venture. Andrey Tataranovich talks about the importance of patching Magento stores to avoid security related issues and frauds.

Finally, to wrap things up, read about two of the most talked about Magento events:

MageTitan took place on 8th and 9th September at Austin, TX, The event was a huge success and the audience was enthusiastic about Magento and the ecommerce scene.

Happy Birthday Magento 2 will take place in Minneapolis in December. Make sure you have cleared space on your calendars and that you are all set to go to attend the hottest birthday in Magento world.

Well, this is all for this week’s Magento News. Take care and have a fun filled weekend!

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