5 Top Magento Social Media Extensions

Written in PHP, Magento is one of the most unique and popular open-source ecommerce platforms that is preferred by people across the world for building a highly profitable online store. In other words, it remains the first choice of online retailers or businesses considering the fact that it provides them with powerful features for improving customer experience, and enhancing site management. In addition to that, Magento is substantial ecommerce platform when it comes to boosting the marketing strategy of online businesses.

On top of that, if you are looking forward to enhancing the productivity of your Magento store even more, it is imperative that you integrate it with social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus etc. And in order to integrate your Magento ecommerce website with popular social networks, you are bound to use social media extensions. The best part of using social media extensions is that they make it easier for you to include share and follow buttons on your ecommerce store. In addition to that, social media extensions are also important when it comes to showing images as well as posts shared on social media of your ecommerce website.

In that way, more and more customers end up sharing information about your products and services on their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, thus allowing you to get more customers.

Take a look at some of the best Magento social media extensions.

Social Login

If you are looking forward to using a social media extension for Magento which makes it really simple for you to customize your social media sharing and follow buttons to match the theme of your ecommerce website, then you must go for Social Login. It’s a kind of Magento extension that allows visitors to share your posts on their social networking accounts and comment on them.  

Social Login is a very user-friendly Magento extension which supports automatic user registration, provided the fact that the user is not yet registered on your site.

Social Rebate

If you have a Magento store, it’s obvious that you would like your customers to discuss it among their family members and friends, but that hardly happens. However, Social Rebate is a kind of social media extension that entices your customers to share your posts on social networking sites as it helps them in earning cash back. And just because customers are allowed to get cash back they happily share the images of your products and your posts on their Facebook, Twitter and Google plus accounts.


SocialPilot is another indispensable social media extension for Magento that helps in marketing and promoting your products on different social networking sites such as Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook etc. This particular Magento extension helps in minimizing your work pressure and saves your time when it comes to carrying out social media activities for your ecommerce website. In short, it’s a great marketing tool.

As far as product promotion is concerned, SocialPilot allows you to plan that for the entire month within 30 minutes. Depending upon product details, it allows you to generate personalized posts with perfect hashtags.

Easy Share

This is again a Magento social media extension that allows visitors to share your posts and web pages to LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest etc. And once visitors start sharing the information related to your Magento store it automatically starts generating traffic to your website.

WhatsApp Your Products Using Magento

As far as instant messaging services are concerned, nothing beats the popularity of WhatsApp. A large number of people also use WhatsApp for sharing meaningful information and important links. However, it’s crucial to stay aware of any potential disruptions or temporary outages, such as WhatsApp down, to ensure smooth communication and timely sharing of information.

WhatsApp Your Products Using Magento is a highly effective extension which helps you promote your ecommerce store and the products through WhatsApp.

Facebook & Twitter Integration Magento 2 extension

This Magento extension provides integration of social media like Facebook and Twitter to your website. It also provides more configuration options for both social media. Facebook integration provides many configuration options like width, height, enable Facebook post, show/hide cover photo, show friend faces, etc. And Twitter provides No.of tweets, Follow us on the Twitter link, enable twitter block at any place. Admin can easily integrate Facebook and Twitter block with any static block, CMS pages, left/right sidebar, etc.

The store owners can keep their customers updated with recent news. Using this extension store owners can easily add in the static block and CMS page. The store owners can manage & display the number of tweets from the backend.

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