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Magenticians Bids Goodbye to 2017 – Starting Off 2018 in Style!

Magenticians has had an incredible 2017. It seems like the year swooshed by in a flash to most people, but it was a busy, full of hustle and incredible experiences year for us.

The blog started off as a desire to create a platform that the Magento community could rely on and Magenticians is carrying that dream with a flair.

Magenticians was a little-known Magento blog at the beginning of 2017 having closed 2016 with a little over 140,000 visitors to the blog. This year, though, we recorded a whopping 536,000+ visitors to our blog.

We are incredibly proud of serving you and so many people out there but we have even more incredible things planned for 2018.

Here’s a recap of our incredible 2017:

Website Redesigned

We redesigned Magenticians at the start of the year to reflect a more modern outlook. The community loved the new look and feel and we kept improving on it throughout the year.

The new design helped us look at things in a better light, and we hope to keep making splashes where we can! It was one of the decisions that allowed us to move into bigger dimensions and we realized that we could serve the community in more ways, and serve the community in more ways we did!

Syed Muneeb Ul Hasan, The Man Behind Magenticians

Our Interview series started with a vision to give more exposure to Magento experts, the ones who drive the community forward. To bring them into the limelight, we published almost 40 interviews this year and the experience has been nothing short of incredible.

We learned a great deal from them, and we’re sure our readers did too.

The Interviewer Interviewed

Our very own Community Expert, Syed Muneeb Ul Hasan, has been the driving force behind Magenticians’ growth, and Thein Lan Weber recognized his efforts and grilled him instead as a change. ;)

He was also interviewed at Mageworx, and we hope he does even more amazing work in 2018!

And did Muneeb tell you that one of his articles got listed in the Magento Dev Docs? He was ecstatic and proud of it, and we consider it a big achievement for Magenticians!

Tutorial Series

We installed a booster on our tutorial series in 2017 because we understand the needs of the community. Our team is in constant look-out for the problems Magento users face frequently and as we stumble upon something that’s proving to be a hurdle for users, we put it on Muneeb’s shoulders to make it easy for you.

He does a phenomenal job of creating easy-to-follow and simple tutorials and a huge shout-out to Sherrie Rhode for listing many of those in her Weekly Roundups!

The best part about the Magenticians Tutorial series is that you’ll find a guide on the most basic topic like How to enable SSL in Magento to an advanced tutorial like How to disable Add to Cart button in Magento 2.

This helps us serve all facets of the community and we’re proud that people rely on us for more than just solving their Magento problems. We won’t let you down!

The Best Magento Blog?

The highlight for us was when Magenticians was listed as one of the top Magento blogs in the world.

We wear the badge proudly and we intend to continue the excellent work our users have come to expect from us.

We also partnered with many known names in the industry and capped our year by providing you great deals this Christmas on hosting solutions, Magento themes, and a lot more!

Some Stumbling Rocks…

It wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine, though. In the middle of the year, in a bid to promote the blog, our team went a little overboard with the efforts.

Some of the community members lashed back claiming that we were spamming the groups. We took it in good spirit, and if some of you were affected by our efforts, here’s a heartfelt apology!

It was a learning experience and we had to rethink some of our marketing strategies.

But, all of this and a lot more helped us complete an incredible year, but this does not mean we’re stopping here…

… What’s in Plan for 2018?

2018’s going to another blockbuster year, and we’ll make sure that the Magento flag keeps flying high!

Consult an Expert

For starters, we’re launching the ‘Consult an Expert’ service where we’ve listed the most known reliable and known in the Magento industry so you can reach out to them for help.

You’re going to love it!

Store Audit

If you’re launching your online store on Magento or if you have an existing store, you may want to check on its performance, and our ‘Store Audit’ service will help you do exactly that. We want to ensure that people understand the importance of Magento in the ecommerce world and we’re leaving no stones unturned!


And of course, our tutorials will graduate and mature into screencasts which will be an immense help to all our video-preferring users!

Magenticians has a lot more planned for 2018, and we’re hoping that the Magento community is more active than ever before. Many users of other CMSs accuse the Magento users of hibernation, but our Twitter handle and similar hashtags disagree wholeheartedly.

Magento is a Rockstar of the ecommerce world, and Magenticians is its strongest flag-bearer!