Highlights of #MagenticiansTalk Twitter Session with Riccardo Tempesta about Security of Magento 2

Magenticians Talk with Riccardo Tempesta

Security has become the buzzword of the ecommerce industry. Given the recent news of data breaches, customers have become very conscious about the security measures stores have in place.

Magento 2 is a popular ecommerce platform with a growing user base around the world. We at Magenticians are all about everything Magento and as such decided to cover security as the topic of our very first #MagenticiansTalk Twitter session. For the event, we reached out to Riccardo Tempesta, CTO at MageSpecialist, who accepted our invitation to discuss the security of Magento 2.

So at the beginning, we would like to thank him for sharing his expert views on Magento 2 security :)

Here’s the recap of the session from the very first day to the last:

Since it is all about Magento, the first question we asked was about describing Magento in one word ;)

In the next question we asked for a comparison of Magento 2 with Magento 1, in terms of platform security:

The third question was about key points for making Magento 2 more secure:

Next, we asked about the best Magento 2 security practices that developers should adopt:

For the fifth question, we asked Riccardo to name useful security-related Magento 2 third-party extensions:

Next up, we asked Ricardo to share bonus tips for improving Magento 2 security:

For the second last question, we asked him to recommend resources that can help users and developers improve Magento 2 security:

In the end, we asked him to nominate a Magento maverick for the next #MagenticiansTalk session:

Our closing tweets were:

We hope that the above discussion will help you in improving the security of your Magento 2 store. Follow the tips Riccardo Tempesta and provide your customers a very secure Magento 2 store :)

If you think, we have missed an important security tip or would like to share a suggestion, feel free to drop your comment below!


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