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4 Best Magento Plugins to Boost Mobile Commerce

Today, Mobile Responsiveness has become one of the biggest requirements for a website owner. It hardly matters how much time, money, and effort you are spending on designing a professional-looking ecommerce site if it is not optimized for mobile devices. You are going to lose your potential visitors and web customers on a continuous basis.

A mobile-friendly online store not only increases the flow of web traffic but also gives a rich shopping experience to your mobile visitors and customers. Nowadays, a mobile-responsive ecommerce site has become a necessity if you want to sustain a unique image in the web market.

Well, there are plenty of platforms on the web that offer a great solution for a mobile-responsive online estore. But when it comes to the best and the most reliable ecommerce solution, Magneto is the first name that strikes my mind. It is a mind-blowing ecommerce platform that allows business owners and webmasters to create a beautiful, intuitive and fully-functional online store like a breeze. It comes packaged with a ton of powerful themes, extensions, and tools that let you extend the web design and functionality of your Magento store the way you want.

With that concept in mind, we bring you a list of some of the finest tools and services that will enhance your Magento store with mobile-friendly features. If you have selected this platform for your ecommerce project, then you should read this blog post. But before we start off with our list, let’s explore why responsive design is essential for your ecommerce site.

Here are the two reasons that will determine why responsive design or mobile-friendly site holds an imperative place in the web development:

  • Google Gives Preference to Responsive Sites

The giant of Google Internet recommends responsive web design to the web developers and designers. It is because the Google prefers indexing and crawling websites developed using responsive web design. Google finds it easy to read, index and organize all the content, included within mobile-friendly websites or online stores.    

  • The Usability of Mobile Phones Will Continue to Boost in the Coming Years

The extreme usage of mobile devices has influenced business owners to create a site with a mobile-friendly design. An online store that runs smoothly on multiple mobile platforms and screen sizes will help you increase web traffic and also improve your conversion rates. If you look at the statistics, you will see that over 20 percent of Google searches are made through the mobile devices.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the essential tools and services that will integrate mobile-friendly features into your Magento store.

1. Mobify

Mobify is a great tool that enhances and manages your online site’s mobile customer engagement.

It is a perfect tool for those who want to go responsive with their Magento online store, without compromising their marketing software. The tool uses plenty of robust user management tools that can help you elevate the functionalities of your online store to the mobile-optimized platforms such as the web-based mobile application that run swiftly on smartphones and tablets.  

Mobify even adds mobile compatibility to your ecommerce stores, such as touch security, NFC, payments, and a lot more with an objective to deliver the world’s best shopping experience to your targeted web customers.

2. Shopgate

It is one of the revolutionary tools that allow online users to integrate powerful mobile-friendly features into their existing Magento store. It helps you deliver the most enhanced shopping experience to your web customers with ease. Even, Google also recommends websites that use Shopgate for their ecommerce solution.

This platform lets you craft a native data-driven tool app that comes with all the advanced functions and features to help you deliver the best solution at your doorstep. It comes with  a load of compelling features such as:

  • Beautiful design
  • Push messages
  • Daily deals
  • Store Locator
  • Barcode/ OR-code
  • Mobile SEO
  • Order tracking and a lot more.

With the help of this tool, you can give a decent shopping experience to your potential users.

3. TenFoot

TenFoot is an incredible platform that allows you to create a mobile-friendly ecommerce site on Magento with ease. It comes with the Design-as-a-Service approach; site owners can convert their existing Magento site into a fully-fledged mobile-ready online store, without any heavy lifting. You can customize your online store, without compromising with brand and design of your online shop.

To an addition, Tenfoot uses the conventional web stores without sub-domains or redirection – which is ideal for SEO, social marketing, deep linking, and analytics.  It examines the activities of customers on your site and their behavior to give you insights and adjusts the design accordingly.

4. CouchCommerce

CouchCommerce is a brilliant Magento extension that smoothly converts the desktop version of your online store into a mobile-optimized store within a few clicks.

The plus point of this tool is that it can work both as a self-hosted solution and as a service on a unique Enterprise SaaS platform. What’s more, it uses the open source “ Sofa SDK” technology to help you create the best mobile-optimized web store, along with several advantages such as offline functionality, continuous updates, fast loading time, scalability, enhanced touch gestures, and third party integrations.

Overall, is a perfect tool that can help you convert your existing Magento store into mobile-friendly one.


As usage of mobile devices is growing continuously, it becomes essential for web developers, designers, and online store owners to integrate their Magento site with advanced mobile-friendly features. You can use the above tools to create a responsive Magento online store, without any coding or programming skills.


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