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Magento News Roundup #17

Magento News Roundup #17

The best of wishes for 2015! After finishing the 52-week-count, the Magento News Roundup will now simply be identified with incremental numbers. All (previous) roundups are categorized under the roundup tag.


  • With the Magento Extension File Finder you can quickly generate a list of an extension its files. Useful for automatically generating modman-files.
  • Magento Pace has been updated to version 0.6.0 which most notably updates the underlying pace.js library to 1.0.2. Adds a nifty loading bar to your Magento store.
  • Simon wrote about his experience with taking the Magento Certified Solution Specialist exam.
  • Rick Buczynski posted some thoughts on the Magento admin workflow and ideas which could improve it.
  • Apparently one of these is voice-activated tasks and he has a cool demo video to demonstrate the concept.
  • Though not solely related to Magento, PracticalEcommerce published an overview of 10 Google Analytics reports for helping with finding where customers abandon you.

Magento 2


  • The MageUnconference is on! The financial status tracker on the homepage has been updated and it looks like they are well on track.
  • The second edition of MageStackDay is coming on the 13th and 14th of February. If you are planning to participate, don’t forget to sign up.
  • MageHero got a new look and seems to be receiving traction again. Though we wonder what happened to this plan, at least it’s getting better.

Though we are out of sync regarding the edition number, we are still basing the Magento News Roundup on Matthias Zeis’ German Magento-Neuigkeiten. He’s also on Twitter and often tweets in English; be sure to follow him.

In 2015 feedback continues to be welcome. You can leave a comment below, send an email or mention us on Twitter. Thanks for reading!

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