Funny Because It’s True: 10 of My Favourite Magento Memes

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Who doesn’t love memes?

They are hilarious.

This week I decided to put together the best Magento memes I could find on the internet. Enjoy!

Did you just edit the core?


This meme is well known amongst the Magento community, so, of course, it had to be the first on my list! Heck, there’s even a t-shirt and a second version for Magento 2

Index Update Required: No

Index Update Required

Aptly named “Scumbag Magento,” this meme needs no explanation to those familiar with Magento Index Management.

Did you clear the cache?

Magento Cache

It is only fitting to follow the reindexing meme with a cache clearing one. Still not working? Are you sure you cleared the cache? I don’t believe you.

Learning Magento

Learn Magento

Whether you’re developing or just using the admin panel, it’s no walk in the park for an inexperienced user.

The Magento Mondays

Magento Monday

I have been a victim of these a few times. In fact, they seem to occur every Monday.

Just upgrade to the latest version

Upgrade Magento

If only it were that simple, Ned, if only. Keeping on the Sean Bean theme…


Magento SUPEE Patch

No comment needed.

[Read about the latest one!]

To The Magento Forums!

Magento Forum

Thank goodness they are there!

Magento Errors… Everywhere

Magento Errors

It’s enough to send you doolally.

And the newest of Magento memes…

David Manners & Deryck Harlick Magento
Starring David Manners & Deryck Harlick. Think you can create a better meme than this one by Phil Jackson (philwinkle)? Here you go: Sad David Manners

And that’s 10!

This concludes our list of best memes. I hope you enjoyed scrolling and got a smile from at least one of those.

Did I forget to include your favorite meme? Let me know and share it on Twitter. After all…

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