Magento Takes Center Stage in Australia for 2019

magento live australia highlights 2019

Magento Live Event in Australia was yet another example of how vast the ecommerce community really is. It served as an excellent opportunity to connect with industry leaders, influencers, Magento experts and lots of enthusiasts from around the world.

As the event commenced, the key influencers from Magento ever-growing community were on stage to share their views and experiences with the popular ecommerce platform. Blake Morgan (Keynote Speaker & Author), Mark Lavelle (SVP, Commerce Magento), Jason Woosley (VP, Commerce Magento), Cheryl Chang (Payment & Commerce Partnerships) and Alana Fenessey (Head of Client Management, Channel Advisor) were amongst the many who made an appearance.

The event itself was as grand as ever, with people flocking onto the beautiful Hilton to meet, greet and learn about the platform that is reshaping the world of ecommerce.

Twitter was set ablaze with the following tweets;

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