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Why Magento Commerce 2.2 Is the Best Platform for Ecommerce Development?

Disclaimer: Magenticians does not necessarily agree with the views expressed in this guest post. They are presented to bring to light all diverse views in the Magento and general ecommerce community.

Magento is an excellent ecosystem developed by those who understand the shifting market demands and what a merchant needs in an ecommerce software. Magento also delivers the capabilities that expand the growth opportunities and drive eCommerce success with a low total cost of ownership.

Since its inception in 2008, Magento continues to enhance innovatively and add to its commerce platform releasing newer versions, updates, security patches to meet the current commerce requirements. Magento Commerce brings more significant opportunities to develop successful online businesses and achieve extraordinary growth for your small, medium or enterprise business.

About Magento Commerce 2.2

Thelatest release of Magento Commerce 2.2 is a real milestone with significant improvements that have pushed the boundaries of traditional ecommerce platforms, and there’s no better time for online businesses to migrate to Magento 2.x platform than now.

Magento Commerce 2.2 is a feature-rich solution with a full set of B2C and B2B functionality, which can be easily extended through its global partner network. This is why The  Forrester Wave has named Magento Commerce, a global leader in B2B Commerce suites.

In this article, I’ll show you why Magento Commerce 2.2 is the ideal choice to take your business to the next level. Let’s outline the extensive eCommerce features and see how the platform is up to the competition:

1. Enhanced Development

Magento 2.2 offers developers various improvements in the logging, customization, and security processes. Additionally, the Magento team has added the Mass Asynchronous Operations feature which increases the scalability for time-consuming processes.

2. Performance at Peak

The latest version boasts new upgrades on the carts, indexers, and caches, making it an excellent tool to build smooth user experiences for clients. The result is an eCommerce website with innovative design and rich shopping experience for mobile and tablet users, thanks to the exclusion of horizontal scrolling and zooming in and out.

3. Rugged Security

E-commerce fraud is an increasing challenge. Magento 2.2 handles the fraud issue by integrating the Signifyd fraud protection with its platform. The robust protection system analyses all orders and rejects those that are potentially scammy to make your online business fully protected against false refund claims.

4. Built-In B2B Features

For entrepreneurs looking to target the B2B sector can easily build a Magento 2 B2B website, as it’s no longer costly and complicated. The Magento team embedded the account management function feature in the system where B2B business owners can effectively manage their quotes, product catalogs, and credit lines right from their personalized dashboard.

5. Improved Web APIs

Magento works with two APIs – REST and SOAP. If you’ve used these APIs, you’d be familiar with their main disadvantages, namely the lack of consistency in SOAP API scripts and the separate authentication mechanism for the REST API.

With Magento Commerce 2.2, both the APIs now share extended features which include same authentication mechanism, simplified route definition and WS-I compliance with SOAP API, which means more script consistency. The Magento store owners can easily assign and manage permissions. There are new third-party integration points that improve compatibility with other ERP or CRM systems.

6. Social Commerce

Retailers can take advantage of the millions of eyeballs on Facebook every day while populating their Facebook store with the products they sell on their home site. Yes, Magento Commerce 2.2 can automatically create a replica of your store on Facebook.

7. Advanced Reporting

Magento 2.2 has a refreshed reporting feature which is more user-friendly and dynamic, allowing clients to create customized dashboards with information related to customers, products purchased, orders, and shopping trends all in one place. The key highlight of the new Magento 2.2 reporting feature is that it allows you to sign up for the Magento Business Intelligence websites feature.

These are the most exciting features which will soon become the standards in the e-commerce industry. There’s no limit to perfection, and Magento proves its caliber with every new release. However, to explore how Magento Commerce 2.2 can transform your customer experiences and spur new growth, watch this official webinar.


Magento 2.2 platform vows to become an indispensable tool for business owners who want to succeed in the B2B e-commerce sector. So, it’s time to embrace Magento 2.2.

Magento has already been one of the biggest contenders to the title of the best e-commerce software out there. With time, several competitors like Shopify Plus and BigCommerce have joined the race, but Magento has never lost its sovereignty – this is why Gartner has ranked Magento, a leader in digital commerce cloud.

Which platform have you built your eCommerce store? How does it perform? Do share your eCommerce experiences in the comments section.

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