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Firebear Magento 2 ICP Extension Extends Magento Stores Functionality

While Magento is a great platform, there are several areas where the platform is unable to offer a streamlined user experience. In particular, the platform’s inability to share the selected configuration of a product at the frontend, multiple useless reloads, and lack of a feature that allows ordering numerous options of a configurable product simultaneously are serious gaps in the functionality of the platform.

Luckily, the Magento ecosystem offers a reliable tool that fixes these issues and adds several enhancements for configurable products.

Meet the Magento 2 Improved Configurable Product extension by Firebear. The module adds the following features:

  • Dynamic content updates: The page URL, product name, SKU, description, and other attributes are updated automatically every time a new option is selected on the frontend;
  • Dynamic content updates for category pages: Updates are applied dynamically on a category page ;
  • Metadata and dynamic updates: Metadata and updates are applied dynamically;
  • Default options for configurable product: Choose the default set of options in the backend that will be pre-selected on the frontend;
  • Configurable product options matrix grid: A robust B2B feature that allows adding multiple options of a configurable product to cart simultaneously;
  • Flexible product price range display: The price range is displayed on the basis of all simple product prices in addition to the cost of the selected option;
  • Full tier and group prices support: The extension lets you fully leverage tier and group prices;
  • Product options preselect with page URL: Make your customers share the selected product configuration via URL;
  • Custom shipping message scheduler: Apply custom shipping logic.

Dynamic Content Updates

The dynamic content updates feature reduces the frequency of reloads after each option selection, thereby improving the storewide user experience. In effect, all product attributes, including page URL, product name, SKU, image, and descriptions are updated dynamically.


Dynamic Category Page Updates

While a customer selects a new option on a category page, the extension updates product attributes dynamically. This means that the visitor does not need to visit the product page while adding a product to the cart.

Metadata and Dynamic Updates

Dynamic updates positively affect SEO because the extension updates the metadata depending on the selected products.

Product Matrix Grid

Product matrix grid is a significant B2B improvement that adds a B2C segment to the store. The extension replaces the standard option selection with a grid where multiple product options can be selected simultaneously.

As a result, visitors can add several items to cart in bulk. While the benefit of this approach over the standard procedure is evident, it adds great value to the shopping experience of the visitors. For instance, store often sell t-shirts of different sizes and colors as a configurable product. If someone needs several t-shirts of the same size and model, but different colors, a simultaneous order for all the configurations could be placed easily.

The following GIF illustrates the functionality of the product matrix grid.

The following GIF illustrates the product matrix grid in more details:

As you can see, the grid dramatically speeds up ordering and makes it simple and intuitive. The ‘Available Qty’ column shows the number of available configurable product options. Besides, there is the ‘Stock Status’ column designed to prevent a situation when a customer tries to order items that are out of stock. Also, note that the module displays the price of each option individually. And as mentioned above, it is possible to enable tier prices right in the Magento 2 configurable product matrix grid.

Pre-select Default Option

With the help of this feature, you can quickly promote specific products. Of course, it won’t work for an M t-shirt if a potential buyer wears L, but you can easily promote white smartphone instead of its black variation. Besides, there are lots of customers who don’t want to spend time on option selection (this might be a factor in many scenarios including card abandonment).

With the Firebear Improved Configurable Product extension, both problems are solved, since the default product is automatically selected when visiting a product page. You need to specify the option (a simple product) of a configurable product in the backend:

Price Range Display

Different options for a configurable product usually have different prices. It is a good idea to display the price range informing potential buyers about the minimum and maximum prices for product options. In the following screenshot, you can see the default option price ($48). The price range is ‘from $36.00 – $52.00’. As for ‘$0.00 / 25 mg’, it is a base price which can be enabled if you use Improved Configurable Product by FireBear in combination with Base Price by MageNerds.

Highly Targeted Ads

Since the Improved Configurable Product extension enables unique product URLs for each configurable product option, you can create highly targeted ads promoting specific options only. This way you could easily direct customers to relevant products only.

Tier and Group Price Support

Tier prices motivate customers to purchase more. The extension displays the corresponding information in both product matrix and a short description. Also, note that the tier price may be updated per selected simple product dynamically (as each product option has its unique price). On the following screenshot, you can see that the module not only shows the new price and the amount necessary to get the discount but also displays the percent of the cut.


Custom Shipping Logic

The more information about a product you display, the fewer questions the customers would have. And while it is enough to use the default Magento 2 functionality to provide an in-depth insight into product features, the platform doesn’t let you create a custom shipping message. In case of a simple product, you can add a full description, but what could you do with configurable products?

The Firebear ICP module displays any delivery options available with per-child product messages. Thus, you can implement a custom approach to each product option informing the visitors about all shipping related issues. This following screenshot shows the appropriate backend section of the extension:

If a customer visits the product page between the specified start and end dates, a specific message is visible. As a result, you inform customers about the possible delivery date of product in real time, thereby improving the conversion factor.

Color Swatches

Taking advantage of the native Magento 2 feature for both category and product pages, the extension fully supports color swatches, that are even integrated into the matrix grid.

Ultimate Speed

The Improved Configurable Product extension fully supports FPC and Varnish, so you can easily change product attributes on both category and product pages dynamically at maximum speed with caching enabled!

Wrapping Up

This extension is a great addition to Magento stores with lots of configurable products. It is easy to install, configure, and use. At the same time the improvements you get entirely revamp the default platform functionality, pushing the user experience to a whole new level.

You can find more information and download the extension from here: Download/Buy Firebear Improved Configurable Product Magento 2 Extension