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The Good That An M2E Pro Does To Your Ecommerce Store!

Since eBay has acquired Magento, online merchants can now manage multiple eBay stores from a single Magento back-end. This means eCommerce vendors could earn significant income through this integration as online stores are directly connected to eBay Premier online marketplace. This integration could bring sales to a new platform which wasn’t possible before. Undoubtedly, this is a big deal from a sales point of view. But what about complications like  inventory, duplicity or order issues because of simultaneously working your website and the ebay store?

This complication is solved by introducing M2E pro, a product of Magento Extension Development which is available online or with any Magento web development company. By using M2E, one can smoothly support multiple eBay accounts & various Magento stores. You can integrate multiple marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Rakuten etc. There are multiple benefits of using M2E pro that any online business can avail by using it on its websites. Let’s take a look at them:

1) Ease Of Managing Several Account:

With M2E pro connector, an online brand can handle a number of eBay stores through the Magento backend, thus removing the headache of managing multiple accounts. This results in a single unified interface to carry out all the e-commerce transactions so that your eBay store has improved visibility and reach of the products you are selling.

2) No Demographic Limitation:

You can create multiple eBay stores on your website according to different market segments and can also customize it to look better. This ousts any demographic limitation and enhances the visibility of your eBay store.

3) Single Hub To Control Different Aspects Of A Website

Since you can connect all the kinds of websites to Magento back-end, this single window will behave as a hub that could manage various parts of a website like invoices, inventory, payments and order management. This helps drive a better e-commerce store that provides powerful user-experience and best returns.

4) Single Gateway For Entering Product Information

You no longer need to enter the product and pricing information repeatedly for all your operating websites. Just enter information like product info, price info, product-features etc. on one page, i.e. Magento, and it will send the information to all your working websites.

5) Enhances Interactivity With Customers

M2E Pro module makes it possible for you to reply to your eBay buyers automatically. There are various templates that you can use on your website that are auto-responsive. It makes your website more interactive, user-centric and gives  you happy and satisfied customers.

6) 3rd Party Tools:

With the help of Pro connector, one can add third-party tools to their websites and enhance the performance of their online brand.

Every business is different in some way and needs customized solutions as per their different requirements and which can increase sales through eBay. M2E Pro delivers that! With its customization, a user can set up a store that is rich in providing a good user-experience and at the same time provides high functionality. Get this Magento extension now to increase your product sales dramatically!

About the Author

Janetta Ainslee is a certified Magento Developer cum blogger. Presently, she is employed with Magentax Ltd, a Custom Magento development company. She loves sharing information rich content about web design and development tips and tricks.