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Top 10 Content Formats and Ideas for Ecommerce Stores

ecommerce content marketing ideas

Disclaimer: Magenticians does not necessarily agree with the views expressed in this guest post. They are presented to bring to light all diverse views in the Magento and general ecommerce community.

Content for ecommerce websites is essential to SERP rankings simply because it drives organic traffic to the store.

In many real-world cases, people don’t straightway look for the products. Rather, they look for information about the products. During the research, they stumble upon your content. If they like it, they are more likely to come back when researching similar topics and eventually buy the products you offer.

Ecommerce content marketing is a great strategy that boosts the visibility of the content, so as to generate traffic to the store. However, ecommerce store owners often couldn’t decide the type or format of content for their content marketing strategies. To help out such readers, here are ten common content types that help online stores achieve their SERP position targets.


Depending on the product you offer at your store, you can create guides on the related topics.  For example, if you are offering backpacks, you can choose to offer a guide to the best travel destination. The point of creating guides is to provide the audience with information that they can use. A guide should be written keeping the end-users in mind and should be ultra-simplified with step-by-step instructions. You can use adjectives, but make sure that your guide does not scream “buy from us”.

Product Videos

Commonfloor.com is doing great when it comes to product videos. They provide a virtual tour of the properties they have listed on their platform. It allows users to look at the property without having to go there physically, which saves the time and efforts of the users.

You should consider incorporating (similar) ideas of offering additional information about your products through videos. If you know how to create a viral video, then it will attract customers, increase engagement, and provide a more personalized experience.

DIY articles

Brightside and many other ecommerce stores make use of this idea. They offer 5-minutes crafts or similar content to their potential customers. Such content contains information pertinent to the use of products. If you are in the food business, you can offer tutorials on “how to make dishes” that focus on the ingredients that you have in stock. The idea is to provide your potential customers with valuable information about your product so they don’t have to think twice before using them.

In-Depth Product Information

Not everyone that arrives at an ecommerce store knows everything about the products. This is a great opportunity for the store owners to provide in-depth information about the products in the inventory.  This helps the visitors opt for your products simply because they can now make informed decisions. Besides, if you have an eye on the 2018 SEO trends, you can make use of in-depth information about the product to optimize your website’s SEO.

Articles Comparing Two or More Products

Assume that you are offering mobile devices on your ecommerce stores, selling phones from different manufacturers. It has been found that many people often get into the dilemma of whether to buy iPhone 7 or Note 6. What you can do in this and similar instances, is create an article that compares both the devices. It helps customers come to a decision using the analysis offered in the articles. However, make sure that the comparison should not be biased towards any particular product. It is a big turn off for everyone.

Get Listed On Review Sites

This content marketing strategy has been widely used by restaurant owners. Yelp is the most popular website that offers authentic restaurants reviews. If you have a food store, you can create a page of your website on Yelp and ask your customers or friends to put reviews of your products. It will help other people looking for similar products as offered by you. By looking at the reviews, they can assure themselves whether the product will be good for them or not.

Press Releases

Press releases are an ideal way of showcasing discounts or offers. Many users follow press releases and are very likely to stumble upon your content. However, choosing to release a news article should be part of an overall content plan rather than a standalone activity.

Create Communities

Shopify presents a perfect example of making use of this content marketing idea for ecommerce stores. They have an online community of users that encourage interaction and discussion on issues and ideas. On top of that, they have experts who take part in the discussions to address the concerns of the community members. This is a great way of showcasing to everyone (including search engines) that you are a high-engagement brand  You can also create a community on your website to allow users to discuss your products and address the concerns put forward by the members.

Blog Posts

Blogging is an ideal way of generating traffic and optimizing SERP positions. However, remember that blogging is all about offering value to the visitors. Thus, posting blogs that are irrelevant to the users are not going to do any good for your search engine ranking. A blog post should be original, well-researched and valuable.

 Write About The Events You Participate In

Participating in a trade show, exhibition, and other events is an ideal way to meet potential customers. Additionally, such content adds a lot of value to your content marketing strategy and social media channels. To make things interesting, click a selfie or shoot a small video. Next upload it to your blog and see the traffic grow.


Ecommerce content marketing is a proven way of attracting new users and engaging the loyal audience on a website, and also improves the website content shelf life. However, the most important part of this strategy is the value. More the value, better the engagement! Consider giving detailed information to your end-users without thinking about the profit. If you care about people, they will care about you.Simply produce great content for ecommerce websites and watch the traffic graph grow.

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