Adobe to Acquire Magento Commerce to Push Innovation Further

adobe acquire magento commerce

There’s no denying that Adobe is ambitious about its future. In a relentless effort to broaden its spectrum, it showed keen interest in acquiring Magento, one of the most popular ecommerce platforms ever. Adobe seems to have bright plans for expanding how Magento can further extend its capabilities for multiple types of customers and developers.

About Magento, it has long been regarded as the go-to choice for setting up and managing an ecommerce venture. With several big names like Coca Cola, Ford, and Rebecca Minkoff as it’s customers, it would be rather interesting to see how Adobe manages to push Magento’s future even further.

We decided to go to Twitter to get to know what Magento enthusiasts are thinking about this acquisition:


What We Think?

As far as we’re concerned, kudos to Adobe for the bold move. With Magento already making great strides in ecommerce, Adobe’s support will push innovation even further.

Here’s what we think might happen

  • With the help of Adobe, Magento will have its own hosting.
  • Magento Open Source will remain free for all. However, the focus will be on Magento Commerce.
  • Magento Open Source will be maintained by the Magento Community and Contributors.
  • This partnership will yield greater marketing opportunities for Magento.
  • With Adobe’s help, Magento can improve its frontend, boosting responsiveness and performance even further.

Note: The changes above doesn’t reflect the official views of either Magento or Adobe.

We wish that this acquisition would make Magento bigger and more successful :)


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