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Our Two Cents on Adobe Takeover of Magento Commerce

The ecommerce industry is shaken with the big news about the acquisition of Adobe and Magento. It started from 21st May 2018 when Adobe made the big announcement about acquiring Magento Commerce and then on the 19th of June 2018 this acquisition was completed.

Adobe Acquires Magento Commerce

Here’s Our Take on the Matter

First off, we’d like to congratulate Adobe on acquiring Magento. Being a part of the Magento industry, we have our predictions about the future of both these companies. Tapping More Audience

Let’s get two things straight. Both Magento & Adobe each had their own chunk of the audience. Now with the two becoming one, their piece of the pie has gotten even bigger in the industry. Developing a strong rapport with customers

This acquisition also adds an opportunity for Magento Users to get connected with their customers on a more personal level. Magento users get a built-in tool with their store to track each and everything about their customers’ behavior which helps them build long-term relationships with their customers and help boost sales.

Smoother Transactions

The transaction procedures for Magento’s store will now be smoother to cater to all types of customers. Magento’s online store wasn’t that smooth when accessed through a mobile device. This transition would make it better.

Self Marketing and Advertising Options

Magento can now have a built-in, fully powered tool for advertising and marketing for Magento merchants can market their store and its products easily. If this happens, users will not need any other third party tool for accessing the store. In addition, they will also get many awesome and useful features to help them with a better, more seamless experience with Magento’s online store. . .

Content Creation

Since content plays a crucial part in every aspect,   it is believed that Magento’s users will be getting another built-in option for creating better content to enhance the overall experience for the store.

Better Designs

A built-in tool for designing the store was always considered. Now, with Adobe’s input, logos, images, and mockups could be redesigned and edited within Magento’s store.

E-Signature Solutions

E-signatures will help Magento users in establishing agreements with any of their clients.  This feature will help to sign and to send documents and agreements.

Own Hosting Solution

At the moment, Magento doesn’t provide its own hosting solution but after the acquisition, we can speculate that Magento will have their own hosting platform. If this happens, it would save   Magento users the hassle of finding a suitable host for their online store.

Last, but not least, we believe Magento users would benefit from this all in one platform for their ecommerce ventures.

Note: The changes above don’t reflect the official views of either Magento or Adobe.

News Spread Like Wildfire

Being one of the largest ecommerce platforms available, the news of this acquisition made headlines across the web. Several blogs mentioned under have also covered the news;

Digital Commerce 360 said:

This is the future of e-commerce—experience-driven commerce

Bloomreach said:

First, we should expect a lot of technology incongruence from Adobe

Ecommerce-platforms said:

The merger might give rise to an exceedingly holistic Magento 3 optimized for both B2C and B2B environments

Community Response on Twitter

We have filtered tweets for you showing a much clearer picture of public reactions:

Penny for Your Thoughts?

Let us know what you think about the future of Magento after this acquisition. Feel free to drop your feedback below!

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