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How To Hire A Magento Developer

Sure, Magento is an open source ecommerce platform and anyone can use it to start their website. But if you have ever worked on Magento and tried to build your online store, you’d know that it’s not an easy task. With all the complexity, though, comes a horde of features that you wouldn’t find in other store building CMS.

If you know your way around Magento, it may not look very complex. However, if you’re not well versed with the ins and out of Magento, you will need a seasoned developer to take care of your Magento needs.

A seasoned developer with enough experience can help you get your website up and running in no time as well as maintain it on a daily basis. And since finding a good Magento developer isn’t a simple wand waving job, we’re going to help and guide you to a perfect hire.

Let’s dig in.

Consider Your Requirements

First thing first, you need to have a clear idea of what you require from your Magento developer. There’s more than one facet to developing, so it is inadvisable to hire a developer without knowing what you need them for.

Here are three important things to keep in mind:

Frontend Development or Backend

Do you need the developer for Frontend development or Backend development? If you want to pretty up your website and make sure it looks professional and reflects your business well, you need a Frontend developer. If you want to create a database, maintain the servers, or launch an application, etc., you need a backend developer. Since it’s your online store, you’ll know which aspect you need to cater to.

Dedicated Developer or Part-time

Developers come in all shapes and size. For example, Full-time or dedicated if you must, and Part-time. It’s important to examine your needs and decide whether you want them on a permanent basis or contractual basis. Just keep in mind that contract end, and if you need them again, you might have to hire again.

One Developer or an Agency

Sometimes, a single developer may not cut it. If your business is large and you have multiple websites or rather large database, you may need a team of developers to take care of your Magento sites. You can always hire an agency to provide you the resources instead of alone expert.

What you should look for in a Magento Developer

Great. You know why you need a developer now and are ready to start interviewing. But how do you figure which developer is the best for your job? Here are the particulars you should be looking for on a developer’s CV:

Development Expertise

A good Magento developer must have in-depth knowledge of the CMS to implement necessary features and functionalities on your website. They should be technical enough to mold their development expertise to your project needs as well. Make sure to do your homework if you do not know how to test someone’s Magento knowledge.

Industry Expertise

Once you have tested their development expertise, have a look at the projects they have worked on and if they have dealt with any serious challenges and tasks at previous jobs. Also, ensure that the developer is familiar with different Magento versions, i.e., Enterprise, Go, and Community. Since each version has its own set of features, it’s crucial that they know how to use them.

Work Portfolio

The developers you are interviewing may be certified, but certification doesn’t mean they’ll be a good fit for your project. This is why you have to take a look at their portfolio. A developer’s portfolio can tell you a lot about their proficiency and the work they have produced so far, and it’ll be easier for you to relate your project with their skill sets.

References (If Available)

Talking to provided references can help you analyze their portfolio in detail, and also help you identify whether they are a good team player or not.

Feedback from the developer

Feedback from the developers you are interviewing is equally important. While you brief them about your project, observe if they understand everything and are attentive to trivial details. Their feedback will paint a clear picture of how interested and capable they are of handling your project.

Skills to look for in a Magento Developer

Once you are done going through their portfolio and ensuring that they have enough knowledge and experience to do well for your business, you should examine their skills in the following areas:


Sure, anyone can go through courses and become a certified developer. However, being a creative and innovative developer is what sorts the best from the rest. Innovativeness in this field is a crucial requirement. You can’t afford to have the same website and same functionality as hundred other online stores. Hence, innovation on your developer’s part is a must.


Professionalism is one of the core characteristics to look for before hiring a Magento developer. Even though it applies to almost every occupation, a developer with a professional attitude will reflect on your website. Since it will also have an impact on your customer base, make sure you check

Quality of Work

The candidates you are interviewing may be highly qualified, but it may not necessarily mean that their quality of work is the best. Ensure that whatever work they have produced so far has been up to the mark, or if they will be able to handle your requirements of the job.


If you are hiring a developer on contract basis or project basis, make sure they are available whenever you need them. Most contractual or freelance developers are working on two or three projects at a time, and the clashes might hamper your work. Hire someone who can be available 24×7 for your project.


Every developer has their specialty and aspects of their jobs they excel in more than others. Get to know your candidates and figure out how you use their specialties in your project.


You’ve been armed with the proper knowledge on how to hire a Magento developer now. While it may have seemed like an onerous task at first to hire the best Magento developer, it shouldn’t be anymore. We’ve streamlined the process for you so just consult this guide before you go on your interviewing spree and you’ll be able to pick the perfect fit for your project. If you have any questions or queries, just use the comment section below, and we’ll get back to you!

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