Magento’s 2018 Revolution – Version 2.3.0 is Here!

With 2018 being an already successful year for Magento, merchants around the world and the ever growing community. In order to make the current year better and the next year exciting, Magento announced version 2.3.0 to fuel productivity to the max, while adding more security features and convenience tools throughout the extremely popular platform.
“The release of Magento 2.3 is really exciting for SI like us. I am personally excited about the features like Multi Sources Inventory, PWA, Declarative Database Schema, and Asynchronous API. These are really going to ensure that Magento stays ahead from the competition and provides more flexibility and growth to its Merchants. Backward compatibility is still a concern as there is already a high number of Magento 2 Websites in Production. Overall this is a great start for 2019 by Magento.” Vikrant Shukla, Vice President Ecommerce at Netsmartz
Let’s begin with Multi Source Inventory (MSI) – with the growing number of merchants and evolution of ecommerce moving rapidly ahead, Magento 2.3.0 puts an emphasis on Multi-Source Inventory which helps merchants add and assign products and quantities seamlessly. With MSI, merchants are now able to allocate and manage their products to and from warehouses, stores and other drop shipping vendors by streamlining operations and making them more smooth seamless.
“Its great pleasure to me to use the latest Magento 2.3! There are implemented a lot of huge and innovative updates like  GraphQL, PWA, Declarative schema, Page Builder tool etc., which allow developers to be on track with new technologies. Also, they always improve security and performance parts of the solution.” Andrey Chorniy, Magento developer at IWD Agency
With smartphone penetration increasing almost every year, 2019 will see nearly three quarters of consumers busy shopping done through mobile phones. To cater to those needs, Magento 2.3.0’s Progressive Web Apps (PWA) studio will help merchants deliver staggering mobile experiences for up to 50% better conversion rates, better page performances and increase engagement as well. This will not only help merchants evolve with the growing smartphone landscape but also make it cheaper to develop their stores and make them more accessible to consumers. Not to mention, Magento 2.3.0s PWA studio will also be regularly updated and made available to the community for suggestions in the future. For information on how to work with PWA Studio and visibility into our roadmap visit Another major update for Magento 2.3.0 is the Page Builder for managing site content using the power HTML and CSS. This time, the Page Builder will include a drag and drop feature, more content editing tools for images, videos, banners, etc. All these changes will have preview capabilities so merchants can have more control over their business and with regular updates, Magento 2.3.0s Page Builder will cater to users in a way that minimal to no developer expertise would be needed. In addition, the Page Builder will also have a media gallery and widgets to help make the experience of online shopping even better with content staging and scheduling included. Wait! there’s More…
  • More support for Magento Shopping with expanded global availability.
  • New scalable APIs to help enable superior control over timing and execution protocols for better, more improved performance.
  • Easy to upgrade Declarative schema to allow developers with the freedom to update old operations with newer, better ones
  • Better indexing performance to reduce indexation times by a massive 60% for larger websites
  • Superior security tools to boost your store’s performance while preventing fake logins with Google’s ReCAPTCHA and Two Factor Authentication integration
For more information about everything that’s included in Magento 2.3.0, we encourage you to review the release notes.

Here’s What The Community Thinks?

The Good

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The Not So Good

With so much positive in the sights of Magento 2.3.0, not everyone in the ecommerce landscape is ready to embrace the newer, more powerful update. While many are still getting to grips with the previous versions, some were quick to respond: On Twitterverse: On Reddit: Card Card Card

Beginning of a New Revolution

With all the pros and cons this latest Magento 2.3 release currently has, it will be too soon to say anything. But one thing we can say with confidence is, Magento has taken a leap from just being a ‘developer-friendly’ platform to a ‘store owner friendly’ platform with this latest release. And, this means it will be seeing a significant increase in its user base in the days to come.  
Syed Muneeb Ul Hasan: Syed Muneeb Ul Hasan is an expert in PHP and Magento, he prefers to educate users in implementing and learning Magento. When not working, he loves to watch cricket.
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