All Set For Magento Imagine 2019


When we talk about ecommerce events and meetups, the most popular event the community awaits is Magento Imagine. This is THE event that the entire community eagerly awaits because it offers the perfect platform to hear experts on all things Magento. The community gets to know the latest in product updates, the latest developments in ecommerce in general and the expert opinion on how online business.

The first Magento Imagine happened eight years ago (in 2001), and since then with every passing year, the event has become bigger, better and offers more value to the attendees (and the community in general).

In 2019 Magento Imagine is happening at Wynn, Las Vegas on May 13 – 15. This year’s Magento Imagine will host 3500+ attendees from 60+ countries with 150+ speakers in 100+ sessions.

Magento Imagine 2019 Objectives

Magento Imagine 2019 will revolve around the following five objectives

Inspire: The attendees will hear from leading ecommerce speakers, visionaries and Inspiring personalities discuss the challenges and opportunities in online commerce. This year, Gary Vaynerchuk will be there to awe and inspire the attendees.

Advance: The Magento executives will share the company’s strategies and announcements for the current year. The idea is to induce users to migrate to a better Magento platform and increase the trust of the users.

Educate: ecommerce is a rapidly evolving industry and Magento has to keep pace with the latest developments to retain its market edge. Magento Imagine is the perfect opportunity to offer users interactive tutorials and demos to the community. For this, the event provides three days with keynote speakers, breakout and special sessions, and networking events, all designed to educate the attendees.

Collaborate: Magento is all about collaboration. This involves the sharing of expert advice and ideas, new technologies and strategies from industry experts.

Enjoy: All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy. Thus, Magento Imagine 2019 offers a lot of opportunities to unwind and fun. There are multiple parties planned that bring the community members closer with special emphasis on the fun networking activities.

What is Magento Community Saying About the Event

People went early to the event

Some sacrificed for it

And some couldn’t make it

Then, there are those who couldn’t miss it

There are new attendees too

Finally, Magento Imagine starts!

Everyone is Loving it

Magento Imagine 2019 Memories, Thankyou and Goodbyes

The Magento Imagine 2019 has concluded with a bang! The three day event provided all the attendants an opportunity to share their learning and insights with community. It was a real fun.  In the end, we are left with everlasting memories that we all will cherish for the lifetime.

Till then, another 365 days to go!

We at Cloudways, would like to send a big shoutout to Magento Imagine team who made this event a huge success. We also thank the ever-growing Magento community for showing their unwavering trust and all the hard work behind this successful mega event.

Here are few moments that the community has shared on social platform

Some Good Memories

Thank You Note for the Organizers

Some Insights

People Didn’t Want to Leave

Next Magento Imagine Will be Bigger and Better in Collaboration with Adobe Summit

Some Share the Special Moments During Magento Imagine

We Are Excited Too

With such an overwhelming response from the Magento community. The community is filled with memories, key learnings, feedback, and insights

Let’s hope for bigger and better Magento Imagine 2020 and how Magento community plan for it.

Do also let us know your thoughts on Magento Imagine in the comment section below

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